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  • Miami has a commitment from an outstanding player in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area whose grandfather is an old friend of mine. The young man heard first from Toledo, but only assistant coaches. When Miami called, it was Coach Martin on the phone. …
  • 7-5 would be an excellent season this year. We lost to possibly the best team in the country along with two other ranked teams--all on the road. Scheduling is an issue when you essentially have three losses before the season ever begins (but with…
  • Given the line move, it looks like people lost serious money this week betting on Buffalo!
  • Too much drama and too much hyperbole from the initial poster. The Ohio State game is still a puzzle to me. How would could go from the way we played in the first quarter to being completely overmatched over the final 45 minutes just doesn't compu…
  • Your memory is short. We made the big plays last season against Northern Illinois and Ohio.
  • Fourth and goal at the two--up 2-0 and playing extremely well early, you definitely take the three. What blew me away was the fact that this was a 7-5 game at the end of the first quarter. Then came that horrendous second quarter. Someone mention…
  • The language is not appropriate. My guess s that many here think the sentiment is funny. It's not. We certainly need to support the players. We need to support this coach a lot better, too! The team doesn't benefit from constant bashing of the…
  • "WE LOVE OUR 85!" Would love to see this on hundreds of signs and T-shirts at the next home game. In your face Chuck! FUCK CHUCK is a much better message IMO. "WE LOVE OUR 85!" Would love to see this on hundreds of signs and T-shirts at the n…
  • Ohio State may be the best team in the country. I truly believe our players will give it their best on Saturday and for the rest of the season. Frankly I think Chuck Martin and his staff have recruited very well. I love Gabbert and many others …