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  • Akron's write up is a copy of the MAC's release. Miami's is that, plus "Miami turns its attention to the MAC tournament." Seems like 1 school has confidence in their Covid status and the other less so.
  • In all likelihood, all the appropriate testing was done and came back normal then all of a sudden it hit. That seems to be how Covid works. You're fine. You're fine. You're fine. Then like that, you're not. That's why it's a challenge to control.
  • https://ubbulls.com/news/2020/12/21/ub-mens-basketball-to-pause-all-team-activities.aspx
  • What is going on with the Miami basketball program- we have a staff that has been together with few exceptions for 4 years- we have a " veteran " team - we get blown out by Buffalo at home and lose big to Wright State- Xavier, UC and Dayton have no …
  • Also, after the "run off" was not signed off on (because he definitely appears to not have been run off), the other request to the NCAA, I dont believe Miami has any input on that. We could say let him play or not, but the NCAA is the sole party tha…
  • Also - the heart issue - SEC, ACC and others are testing each positive player with 3 diagnostic cardiac tests - are any of MU/MAC/BIG/PAC players that get it now going to get those tests? Sounds safer to play... Almost certainly. Just because their …
  • That's my bad. I wasn't paying attention and was deceive by our own website. It included the other tournament games in the win-loss at the top of the schedule. I just saw the 20 wins, and didn't pay attention that it had the record as 20-17. 37 game…
  • 2010-2011 Season. A really good Miami team that would go on to win 20 games hosted one of that year's #2 seeds for the NCAA tournament, San Diego St, that featured Kawhi Leonard. 1800 people came to that game. Yes, the recent on court product has hu…
  • I'm pretty sure it came down this summer before the season
    in "M" Comment by RHawksAlumni January 2020
  • How many 4 year players have we even had recently? Is it just Sullivan, McKnight, and McLane? Rod Mills, Precious, Milos would also be on this list. Plus Quinten Rollins if you go back a little more.
  • Both Brewer an Bowman went to JUCO and redshirted one year to maintain 3 years of D1 eligibility Neither one of them redshirted
  • There are 4: High school, women's, men's, NBA
  • Starters are ICL, Nike, Jovic, Dalonte and Eli. I guess the only surprise is Eli starting. https://miamiredhawks.com/documents/2019/11/8//Miami_MBKNotes_1__Wright_State_11_9_19.pdf I think the key words on the Probable Starters section of the game …
  • I think DICK's point was about him being from Nigeria and possibly having visa issues getting back into the country, not traveling with an injury.
  • Low from the rear side and at the knees. Hit was from behind and very late, yes. But wasn't at the knees. EIU guy hit him with a shoulder in his shoulder. Unprepared, he planted his leg to catch himself and his knee went.
  • Are you, trying, to sound like William Shatner, with your, comma, usage? Re6H5wk, I... Don't know... What... You're... Talking about.  ;)
  • The fact that Logan and Zach did not get in the game when we cleared the bench at the end of the game pretty much confirms that they are being disciplined/punished. Probably not a good idea not speculate, and put it out there that they are in troubl…