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  • No idea what is up with Steve, but I have met him on a few occasions and can tell you all he is a great guy. He also introduced me to both Todd M and Matt S. (Quite a few years ago).
  • The talk of WKU to the MAC appears to be all moot if Marshall decides to stay in C-USA...in that case it appears the Sunbelt will ask WKU back..kinda humiliating actually. GET THIS: The talk on the Marshall board is that their hoops HC is against…
    in MAC’s Move Comment by Cincykid3 7:02PM
  • Good points Dick. I was wondering about the comments made earlier about the addition of part of the Kentucky and Tennessee media markets would potentially expand the MAC footprint....not sure how much value that would add.
    in MAC’s Move Comment by Cincykid3 3:34PM
  • Probably wishful thinking from New Mexico State.... Marshall may just stay in C-DOA but if the Sunbelt ends up adding just USM and Marshall (as some media tweets have now suggested), it will set up a very interesting landscape w C-USA forced to loo…
  • Call me a stubborn 1978 grad, but want to continue the series. Good point made above that if the series was to continue we will be able to get a P5 school into Oxford once every 3 years as an incentive in itself. Of course with future extension ag…
  • MattS: I wasn’t referring to administrative duties managing the site in my query about Redsteve...more so I was wondering why he doesn’t post anymore at all. I have met RS on a couple of occasions, and know his passion for Miami sports so just a li…
  • Yeah I guess having two more schools join that have decent hoops programs make it harder to win the league’s sole (typically) NCAA spot in hoops, but based on the reality of the last decade or so I am not sure how relevant that is to Miami b-ball i…
  • Well, based on these media tweets it appears that the MAC is sitting this out, at least in these initial stages.
  • Looks like the MAC is on the sidelines here at least until the next hand is played by Marshall and their “traveling companions”. Then, if the Herd, USM, ODU and JMU do head to the Sunbelt, WKU and MTSU might come a-calling.....but based on this art…
  • Perplexing to me why Marshall would want to stay in C-DOA.
  • I did look at a map today..Bowling Green (Ky) is really off the beaten path, and MTSU is not really near Nashville.
  • Randy: complete speculation on my part, but in answer to your question I would guess that the MAC is probably not all that interested in adding WKU and MTSU but that conditions (mentioned in previous posts) could present themselves such that they wo…
  • Marshall back to the MAC ain’t happening.....
  • In the FWIW category: Herdiban followers on their message board seem to split 50:50 on whether or not they go to the Belt or stay in the weakened C-USA...they are thinking the survivors in C-USA will reap the reward of the exit fees from the dearly …
  • C-USA brass decided to spurn ESPN in last round of contract extensions..I think it may have been partly due to the resistance to attendance killing weeknight game requirements. It has cost them greatly with mostly lousy TV coverage (and $$) and it…
  • In the end, I think the MAC stands pat, but with ESPN “intervention” ($ and MACtion improvement tweaks), and the right deal in place, I could see the WKU-MTSU thing happening. The bad thing for them is that they recruit south and the MAC may not be…
  • Yeah, my son is on staff at UNCC and he just texted me that it’s a dun deal to AAC for the six schools.
  • nm
  • Yes, I think we are, Nescacdad. Again, I am not advocating for WKU and MTSU inclusion, but as outlined in my previous post, I can see a scenario where it might make some sense to strongly consider it. These schools are in big trouble if USM, Marsh…
  • Well, so long as it’s a conference game, Chuck will have us ready to roll, Skins!
  • Is there any benefit to the MAC if C-USA ceases to be a viable FBS conference?
  • Completely agree!
  • I didn’t mean to necessarily advocate a a strategy to bring in WKU and perhaps MTSU, and there have been some excellent points raised about their southern based culture not fitting in with the MAC for their fan bases. I also agree with the comment …
  • Yeah that’s kinda what I was thinking..if Marshall and USM both leave for the Sunbelt (and maybe take ODU and JMU with them), C-USA will be in life support..why not pick up WKU and MTSU to put them out of their misery as a viable G5 FBS conference?
  • Ironic how badly C-USA experiment ended up for the Herd...after all their boasting and preening on the MAC board when they gleefully left the MAC. As for expansion, I get the concept built around revenue sharing and the concept that we don’t bring …
  • I don’t really see the MAC making a move, either. For the many good points raised, perhaps it would not be a wise financial decision to do so. We may see WKU and MTSU come to the MAC with a request to join if C-DOA implodes, but in looking at our …
  • There are now reports (unconfirmed of course) that USM and Marshall are headed to the Sunbelt. We shall see...if true C-USA is truly dead in the water....the MAC could pick off a program or two if they so desired.
  • Where is Redsteve?
  • If nothing else, these wins by MAC teams certainly destroy Chuck’s narrative that we simply cannot compete w some P5 programs. Western’s win over Pitt looking like a real high quality win as the season progresses.
  • Agree w Moorehawk..it’s the league’s fault we haven’t played UT at least once or twice in the last 10 years. We have some good games against Ball State and I don’t mind playing them every year.