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  • Follow up: Flavin finished at 9 under, good for 17th place in the Bermuda PGA event. He won $99,000, his biggest payday of his pro golf career to date.
  • If we are only good enough to pull out a 6-6 record, the likely result of that is a bowl loss (if we somehow happen to get one). Hard to get too excited about that prospect. If we win out, that’s a slightly different story despite the disappointme…
  • I have zero confidence in Martin to win a big game..in the few times he and his teams have done so over the last 8 years, I was always (pleasantly) surprised.
  • Really need to go 3-0 or season is a lost cause.
  • Maybe they should’ve kept Terry B after all....
  • Can’t even bear to watch any MAC football tonight .....
  • This loss has pretty much killed any remaining enthusiasm I still had for this season.
  • So so so disappointing.....the short yardage play calling was just pathetic most of the time.
  • I am surprised that they didn’t bring in Mayer for a series or two
  • This is just so grim..body language of players and our QB is completely listless
  • Let’s go! Bring us a victory, boys!
  • Interesting...I didn’t expect to see action this quickly..if true, pretty much the final “nail in the coffin” for C-DOA. Probably a net gain for the MAC with a slightly expanded footprint...might help us get a little more TV exposure and another …
  • Interview with UMASS AD today revealed UMASS is looking for football only conference affiliation, so the MAC will obviously take a pass on that...Pete Thamel of Yahoo Sports tweeted today that MAC AD’s and Presidents will be conducting separate tele…
  • BG got yards in hunks which explains much of this stat but Buffalo had 36 first downs to 11 by BG.
  • This move by Marshall is just so ironic on many levels. Many Miami posters here will remember the swagger of the Marshall posters on the MAC message board when they left the MAC for C-USA about 15 years ago....how much better C-USA was in terms of…
  • There really is no rush now that Marshall has made their decision...MAC can now sit back and carefully evaluate the situation and also see what ESPN ponies up (if anything) to exact their final revenge on non ESPN affiliated C-USA. I would say it’s…
  • Yep.
  • Although obviously football “rows the boat”, that info on the Sunbelt forming a strong soccer league would be important to Marshall as well. Looks like Herd will be heading to the Belt.
  • I think Dick had this nailed in his earlier posts...the MAC is not in a rush to expand and unless there are tangible financial and exposure (more ESPN appearances, etc.) benefits, the MAC won’t add WKU and MTSU.
  • Very much doubt the MAC is interested in UMASS anymore......
  • If WKU and MTSU happens, it will most likely only be if ESPN puts a full court press on the MAC to take them in with an offer of more $$$ and/or TV exposure as part of their effort to destroy C-USA.
  • Looks more and more like the MAC will stand pat. WKU would’ve made more sense of Marshall was coming back but that ain’t happening....just not sure the MAC will go for the WKU-MTSU tandem and not even too sure that those programs even want to be in…
  • No way the Herd come back to the MAC, but their next move (to the Sunbelt) may precipitate a possible expansion by the MAC.
  • Nice move for Missou State if it comes to fruition but C-USA continues down the path of a home for wayward FCS programs looking for a way to move up to FBS.
  • FCS Division “bait”.
  • As an aside, my son is on staff at UNCC, and the University is indeed growing at an incredible pace, albeit some of the construction projects have been put on hold during COVID. Although previously known primarily as a commuter college, the campus …
  • From what I have read on their boards it’s a mixed bag, Dave.....I think it’s safe to say that the majority have a preference for a southern bent for their conference, but many others feel that the MAC is the best bet for stability and better hoops,…
  • Yeah I think the MAC is being relatively inactive here to see what opportunities present themselves once the Sunbelt expansion is confirmed. Totally agree that ESPN might make it worth our while to take in WKU and MTSU....mostly to eliminate non…
  • Interesting as it seemed that Marshall was struggling with the decision.....probably down to their cash strapped situation and reality of $3M exit fees (if they can be collected). If this happens and the MAC takes WKU-MTSU then . it would seem th…
  • Not to be too uncharitable, but I sincerely doubt UTEP has any other suitors so they will be forced into staying in C-USA as their only option. Having NM State helps a little.....