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  • Bearcats vs RedHawks Recruiting Footprint

    Stunningly bad clock management by UC at the end of the game. Not only that pass, but on the two plays before that with the clock running, they snapped the ball with 10 and 12 seconds on the play clock. Taken together, those three plays saved UGA about a minute of game time, and they had 7 seconds left when they kicked their FG.

    Luke Fickell singlehandedly lost the game.
  • MAC football -- the re-MACTIONing

    Also, per Nicole Auerbach of The Athletic, the NCAA has approved a blanket eligibility waiver for all fall sports athletes.  Whether they play or not this fall (or this spring, if sports are rescheduled), they will still have eligibility in Fall 2021.
  • MAC football -- the re-MACTIONing

    Deaths? There have been 202 deaths for those between ages 15-24 through the end of July per CDC data. How many in these age groups died of something else? 15,608. 98.7% died from from auto accidents, suicides, drug overdoses, cancer and the seasonal flu. 

    Why do so many people keep acting like the only possible outcomes here are death or life like normal? The Red Sox have a starter lost for the season because COVID gave him a heart condition.  (Also, except for the seasonal flu, none of those is contagious.)

    The 50K-100K a week for testing is a red herring. Why would that be an issue if it allows you to still have some tix revenue, tv revenue student activity fees and other revenues?

    What ticket revenues? Until the governor changes his mind, there won't be any attendance at sporting events. As for student activity fees, whether Miami collects those from a student depends on whether the student chooses online-only and agrees not to set foot on campus for the semester. Unless they opt out of being on campus entirely, the full fee still gets collected--it has nothing to do with whether football is going on.  TV?  Sure, but if the plan is to return in spring, the TV revenue could be made up then.

    Miami is going to have all the coaching and staff salaries, all of the scholarships costs etc.

    But none of the ancillary costs (game day staff, police overtime, travel, etc.).

    We then have the issue of eligibility, Does everyone get another year of eligibility? How does Miami and other schools now carry that extra cost? Do you tell next year's class to not come? Where does all the money come from to cover this?

    Assuming this is handled the same way the NCAA handled the cancellation of spring sports, everyone will get another year of eligibility, but no one will get another year of scholarship money unless the school chooses.

    Is the athletic department going to lay off staff for the Fall? No athletics. No need for a lot of stuff that normally is done in sports information etc. 

    Probably, I'd imagine. It sucks. But they're hardly the only ones. Akron is looking at laying off 20% of its full-time faculty--people who, unlike an athletic department, you actually need in order to have a university.  I think we're going to see a long-overdue reckoning about finances in G5 (and lower-tier P5) athletic departments. It makes no sense to be cutting 20% of Akron's faculty at the same time they're paying Terry Bowden more than $600,000 to not coach.
  • Major League Baseball

    "Multiple sources confirmed that the Marlins played Sunday despite having three players learn Sunday that they'd tested positive for COVID-19, just two days after a fourth player learned of a positive test on Friday. Two infectious disease specialists told The Athletic on Sunday that those positive tests fit the definition of a 'clear outbreak' of a virus within the team. But sources said those tests were not enough for either Major League Baseball or the club itself to give serious consideration to postponing this game.

    Marlins manager Don Mattingly said his team 'never really considered not playing.' The club's most respected veteran, shortstop Miguel Rojas, told the media afterward that all 30 players discussed the situation Sunday morning, but said not playing was 'never our mentality.'"

    Why are people like you and me stuck waiting a week, sometimes two weeks for tests while MLB gets almost-immediate results if MLB is just going to say "fuck it all" and do this?
  • Rules of the Road

    I deleted 95% of DICK's thread about John Lewis (after mistakenly making my own contribution to it) because MHT is not a Lost Cause forum.

    If people aren't willing to follow the first rule above, I am just going to start banning without warning. I've also deleted the general coronavirus thread because people can't keep themselves from starting shit in there either.

    This is simple, people. There is a whole giant goddamn internet where you can argue about the political issues of the day. This is not part of that internet.