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  • Phil Steele Preview

    June is here which means I've got my Steele football magazine for the 12th year in a row. Don't envy the job he had to compare teams that played as few as two games last season, but here's the big takeaways:

    Our schedule is the most "overrated" of FBS teams in terms of this year's opponent's winning percentage from 2020 (7th highest) versus their expected strength for 2021.
    We're picked to be 3rd in the East, below the top two (Kent and OU) mostly on the basis of playing both them on the road but close otherwise. UB would've been 1st if Leipold and a bunch of players didn't leave for KU.
    None of our guys was picked Preseason 1st Team All-MAC, the only ones on the 2nd are Jack Sorenson/Kameron Butler/Jalen Walker (as a punt returner). Sorenson has the most YPG of any returning receiver in the nation.
    Don't laugh, but our best position rating in the conference is our coaching staff (2nd, below OU and tied with Toledo); next best position is our DL at 3rd, worst is OL/DB at 9th.
    The MAC is projected to he the worst conference in the nation for the coming season. BG is projected dead last of 130 teams.
    UC is ranked the top G5 in the nation.
    Random, but he rated every single position for KU last in the Big 12 so that's something interesting.
  • MiamiHawkTalk - ESPN NCAA Bracket Game

    If true, he made the correct call.
    What if it's true that he had intercourse with his mother as well?
  • Slow Down Tiger! Next Time, You May Kill Someone.

    Why believe rumors over actual law enforcement?  

    There are...reasons not to believe the current Los Angeles County Sheriff about much of anything. (I mean specifically this guy, not the LA Sheriff's Department generally.) But these are things that shouldn't be gotten into on this board.
    One might say there's a whole internet out there to discuss those topics.
  • Buddy Schultz

    Curious what that WSU locker room was like after the game. The one guy who didn't get out by strikeout was probably strutting around like Reggie Jackson.
  • 2020-21 Coaching Carousel

    What kind of a dumbass do you have to be to want to bring Owens back?
    The dumbass who doesn't wanna pay well into six figures to sack a coach after our best season in decade with almost everyone returning. If next season is like that year Coop had a ton of seniors and we still sucked then we'll talk but now is not the time.