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  • Future MAC OOC FBS Schefules

    No idea if this is official but I did see on Twitter that we're heading back to South Bend on 9/21/2024 for a cool 1.25 mill. Hope it's true.
    Says so on FBS Schedules.com so it must be fact!

    Appears that our schedule that year starts at Northwestern, versus UC in Oxford, and then at ND before we get a reprive against UMass (theoretically). Rough stuff, but it is what it is and at least we're getting paid.
  • Not a terribly charitable review of Miami recruiting

    Chuck is hardly perfect, but he's genuine in an industry notoriously populated by a-holes. There wasn't a doubt in my mind that he was being real when he teared up while crediting the players/other coaches during the field interview right after winning the MAC.
  • CBS College Coaching Pressure Cooker List

    Loeffler is listed in the pressure group too but I think he's safer than that. Everyone familiar with BG knows the mess he inherited from Jinks would take time to fix so no one is expecting much from him yet. I'd lower him but bump up Hammock at NIU; he isn't on the hot seat per se, but I could see him getting let go this season if this is another bad year given that he took over a MAC champion but they've been pretty lousy under him so far.
  • Frank Solich

    I met Solich in 1975 in a summer school drivers Ed class where he was one of the instructors. At the time he was a high school football coach, prior to joining Tom Osborne’s staff at Nebraska. I recall that he was helpful and friendly.  I wish him well. As a side note, a classmate friend of mine was also in that class-  Craig Bohl.  Bohl was later his DC at Nebraska and later coach at ND State and now Wyoming. 

    And you were the 3rd most famous person in that classroom?
    Don't be silly, he's at least 2nd. The population of ND and WY is about 20 combined, there's at least 100,000 regular posters on Hawk Talk!
  • Phil Steele Preview

    June is here which means I've got my Steele football magazine for the 12th year in a row. Don't envy the job he had to compare teams that played as few as two games last season, but here's the big takeaways:

    Our schedule is the most "overrated" of FBS teams in terms of this year's opponent's winning percentage from 2020 (7th highest) versus their expected strength for 2021.
    We're picked to be 3rd in the East, below the top two (Kent and OU) mostly on the basis of playing both them on the road but close otherwise. UB would've been 1st if Leipold and a bunch of players didn't leave for KU.
    None of our guys was picked Preseason 1st Team All-MAC, the only ones on the 2nd are Jack Sorenson/Kameron Butler/Jalen Walker (as a punt returner). Sorenson has the most YPG of any returning receiver in the nation.
    Don't laugh, but our best position rating in the conference is our coaching staff (2nd, below OU and tied with Toledo); next best position is our DL at 3rd, worst is OL/DB at 9th.
    The MAC is projected to he the worst conference in the nation for the coming season. BG is projected dead last of 130 teams.
    UC is ranked the top G5 in the nation.
    Random, but he rated every single position for KU last in the Big 12 so that's something interesting.