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  • Who Goes to Big 12

    AAC is almost a parallel move from the MAC

    The AAC media deal pays its members multiple times over what the MAC deal pays its members. The AAC, while still treated unfairly by the committee, is still treated much better than other G5 conferences (except possibly the MWC). AAC teams have consistently been ranked higher by the committee than other G5 teams with the same (or in some cases fewer) losses. In basketball, they've gotten multiple tournament bids in every year of their existence and regularly get 3-4 bids.
    UB getting into the AAC would only happen if/when they lose multiple high-value schools (e.g. UC, Houston, UCF) to a power conference. If that happens the value of the TV deal plummets, the strength of the conference decreases for football and basketball, and average attendance looks a lot less like Memphis and more like Tulane even if they refill with the best of the other G5 conferences. It's still above the MAC even if we don't lose UB, but it's not head and shoulders.
  • 2021-2022 Non-Conference Opponents

    at Georgia Tech - 11/9
    vs Lamar - 11/12?
    vs Stetson - 11/15?
    at Western Illinois 11/27
    vs Cincinnati - 12/1
    at Indiana State - 12/4
    at Clemson - 12/14
    vs Bellamarine - 12/18

    We host Stetson and Lamar as part of the Georgia Tech Showcase. Games will be played between 11/9 and 11/16.

    So far, we have 4 home and 4 road OOC games. Guessing we will throw in one or two non-D1 home games.

    We'll beat Lamar, Stetson, and Bellarmine at home. We'll win one of GT, UC, and Clemson. We'll split @ WIU/ISU. Not saying we're dancing this year, but we turn the corner toward becoming a respectable mid-major program again.
    Saying we'll beat one of GT (went dancing last season), UC (regular contender), or Clemson (made the tourney/NIT the past four postseasons) is a stretch. Possibility sure since it's not like we're playing Baylor, but dubious for the program where it is now even if we should aspire to beat them all.

    Lamar, Stetson, and WIU all finished below .500 last year in weak conferences so we should expect wins against them. Bellamarine was just above .500 in their first DI season (was a regular tourney contender in DII), we should expect to win but they're probably the best of the four low majors. Indiana State was over .500 the last two years in the MVC and has a new coach who went to multiple DII final fours at a school in Tennessee, that will likely be our toughest matchup of the non-power schools.

    With the quality of most teams I've seen as a Miami fan (since 2012) I'd expect 4-4 for this schedule with bad losses against the power teams, a split against ISU/Bellamarine, and unconvincing wins against the low majors. To show any progression we need 5-3 at the bare minimum where we thump all the non-power teams and put up a good fight against the other three. Really though we NEED a win against one of GT/UC/Clemson in addition to winning all the others to go 6-2 and show the MAC we mean business for once.
  • Future MAC OOC FBS Schefules

    No idea if this is official but I did see on Twitter that we're heading back to South Bend on 9/21/2024 for a cool 1.25 mill. Hope it's true.
    Says so on FBS Schedules.com so it must be fact!

    Appears that our schedule that year starts at Northwestern, versus UC in Oxford, and then at ND before we get a reprive against UMass (theoretically). Rough stuff, but it is what it is and at least we're getting paid.
  • Miami's Top Feeder Schools

    I like Skyline even as a non-resident. My folks met in Cincinnati (mom went to UC from Monroe, dad did his residency at UC) so I suppose it's in my blood.

    Interesting that a private school, Loyola Academy, is the biggest feeder of all the Chicagoland schools. It's 2000 students and co-ed so it's not that ridiculous, but still noteworthy.
  • GAME DAY!!!

    Good to see Gabbert walk off on his own.