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  • MAC football cancelled

    MZ your last two paragraphs are spot on.
  • The College Athletics Dominoes are starting to fall

    App St cut 3 sports to go from 20 to 17 programs. ECU cut 4 programs. Schools are making decisions on being competitive vs being broad based. Only the incredibly well endowed or cash flush will survive being broad based - not sure how G5 schools support much more than the minimum and remain competitive. Interesting concept being discussed about realignment of G5 conferences to be more regionally based to reduce ridiculous travel (think Marshall traveling to UTEP for conf game). Could be interesting time for G5 conference movement.
    Sport-based conferences would seem to make the most sense — football and MBB in the “regular” conferences and Olympic sports in more regionally based conferences to save on travel and related costs.
  • The CCHA is back!!!

    Can anyone think of an example where any school in any sport said, “We are going to keep playing this sport but voluntarily drop down to a lesser league?”
    Paging @gentbaseball12, although I'm not sure how much of what happened to Centenary was voluntary.

    Chuck is correct — I was at Centenary College which dropped from D1 to D3 in 2009. Centenary was a unique school because it was the smallest D1 school in the country at the time and didn’t fully find any of its programs (i.e. baseball was allowed 11.7 scholarships and we had 7), but it did have a few notable alums (Robert Parrish and Hal Sutton to name a few). It was more a function of major structural changes at the school (they also dropped 22 majors and had enrollment decline by 25% following the recession) than anything else, but it’s largely been a successful move: https://www.shreveporttimes.com/story/sports/2016/07/08/d-iii-best-move-centenary/86837384/.
  • Steve Baker

    Many moons ago I had to work in the press box at the 2006 Red and White fall softball classic — basically a slate of meaningless fall softball games. Bake showed up in the press box and called one of the Miami games on the radio (in the middle of football season, and with basketball season fast approaching). In fact this was during homecoming weekend (when Miami has its infamous Sunday night homecoming game), so I’m certain Bake has about 500 other things to do that weekend as well.

    The softball radio broadcast was only streamed online, and I can’t imagine the audience was huge, but he called it the same he would a MAC Championship game. That’s why Bake is awesome — not only is he ridiculously good at his job, he knows every game is important to someone listening and treats it as such. We are lucky to have him as the voice of the RedHawks.
  • Fire coach o

    It appears Miami is receiving a return that is commensurate with its non-existent investment in MBB.