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  • MAC football cancelled

    Some people have been saying that this is a choice of money vs the health of our students and student athletes.  I don't think that is exactly the way it is.  I think it is more if we can't protect our student athletes health because we don't have enough money to do so then we should delay/not play. As a conference, the Big Ten put us in a bad place when they dropped all the money non conference games which meant that budgets which were already being devastated by Corona virus were totally unable to do an appropriate testing schedule to protect the athletes.

    For the MAC, I think that the choice to play now or delay comes down to the financial ability to protect the athletes.  Now there have been some huge advances in lowering testing costs and getting faster results since we delayed originally. If we choose to play now that should be the reasoning, not pressure from people pushing for their own selfish reasons.  Spring football would be every bit as good/better as playing in the late Fall and early winter.  Either way we are only playing other MAC schools.  Being the only conference playing in the Spring has some advantages in coverage, weather, and attention.

    I agree with your point of the added the exposure with a spring season as a potential benefit, but what about the following:
    1. Many of the conferences best players will not be playing (MU has at least 3 that have opted out of spring).
    2. Recruiting disadvantages - dead period has been extended through 12/31. I’m sure it’ll be opened back up at some point this spring - MAC coaches will be in season while all others are on road.
    3. Bowls - I am still of the belief that some bowls will attempt to play this year in some form - MAC would miss out on those and any related income (potentially outweighing testing costs).
    4. Spring FB - while all other FBS schools will have had their season AND spring practices the MAC will have missed out on this critical time to develop their younger players.
    5. Will the spring season be viewed as the college version of the XFL to the NFL? Those leagues have all folded quickly and were never more than a one-time view novelty.
    There are others, but I think these may be the most significant concerns.
    1. You’re going to have opt outs no matter what; primary concern should be when can a season most safely be conducted.

    2. Not really compelling — coaches are always in recruiting mode anyways. Could actually be a selling point — there ain’t a damn thing on TV sports wise in February and MAC could own that month after the Super Bowl is done and in the doldrums of NBA and NHL regular seasons.

    3. We’re not even out of September yet so a bit presumptuous to worry about bowl games that may or may not happen many months from now and which we will lose money attending anyways.

    4. Can use fall practice time now to develop and once younger players have adjusted to college life after 1 semester they will be more likely to contribute in spring.

    5. MAC has been around since 1946 and survived the great realignment in the last decade. This will certainly test the conference but not a good comparison here.

  • MAC football cancelled

    MZ your last two paragraphs are spot on.
  • Congratulations to Colleen Day and Jermaine Henderson!!

    Love and Honor — two awesome people and outstanding alums and coaches.
  • Major League Baseball

    Not a Portnoy fan, but deleted my comment. I suppose the actual interesting question is whether MLB will approve a sale of a franchise to a group led by the owner of one of the longest PED suspensions in MLB history (I think only former Met Jerry Mejia has been suspended longer than ARod and he was a multiple offender of the PED policy).
  • When is FB back on campus?

    How many deaths of college players will people accept before deciding it’s no longer viable to continue?

    If there are any deaths it would be shocking in looking at the demographic data in the USA thus far. 

    Latest data from CDC that I saw showed less than 150 deaths for those under age 25 due to Covid-19 since Feb 1. This age group had 20,000 deaths during the same time period for other causes. 

    For additional perspective, an average of 2 NCAA( all divisions)  players die playing football each season.

    For whatever the reason, the younger you are the more likely you will be asymptomatic which also seems to translate to low viral loads. In fact, I think 21 of the 23 confirmed cases with Clemson football team were asymptomatic cases.

    It actually is probably positive for the season that teams may be getting the virus now. If this happens during the season it will be much more disruptive. Should coaches prepare the 5th string QB if all the other players in the QB position room test positive?

    I don’t trust anyone in charge of these programs to consider athlete safety first — they are all self interested and care only to the extent it impacts winning and losing. Just ask Jordan McNair’s family at Maryland — Durkin is already back coaching in college.

    The real issue will be support staff — the coaches, trainers, and other staff don’t neatly fall into the healthy young adult category and many would be in certain at risk categories. When it starts killing coaches and administrators around the program will they care? Or how about athletic trainers? I imagine this will be one giant disaster this fall.