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  • Major League Baseball

    If you really think that a sport with an antitrust exemption and monopsony power that is heavily subsidized by state and local governments is a losing proposition for owners who leverage their team ownership to further enrich their other business ventures then I have some oceanfront property in Arizona to sell you.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers 2020

    I will put this here because we have talked about Kapernick quite a bit in this thread....The NFL has done a 180 on protest about police brutality and the lack of "liberty and justice for all".  NFL is now encouraging protest.  I wonder if this includes dropping the informal "blackball" of Kapernick.  Among others, both the Steelers and Bengals could use a good veteran backup QB.

    Why would any team take Kapernick when Cam Newton is available. Steelers don’t need that kind of drama coming off AB

    I am certainly not opposed to picking up Cam Newton, he would surely be far better than the backups of the last two seasons.  I just keep thinking how close we were to making the playoffs both years, and a backup QB of that level would have made the difference.
    If they had Kaep last year, Steelers make the playoffs without a doubt. The pu-pu plater of Rudolph and Duck cost them big time.
  • 2019-20 Blue Line Club Events

    Doug Brooks sounds like a real piece of human garbage. Crawford’s statement was a word soup of PR firm approved buzz words to make it seem like he was doing something instead of the nothing he actually did.
  • Unpopular opinion coming

    Millett is an apt metaphor for the men’s program — a facility that was once cutting edge rendered obsolete by the failure to invest in it; now, after years of neglect, the remaining decrepit husk will be painfully costly to save from its fast approaching demise. Like Millett, the men’s program is fine as long as you ignore everything that’s currently terrible about it and think about the good old days when Wayne, Wally and Ron used to pack the joint and bring home conference titles.
  • Steve Baker

    Many moons ago I had to work in the press box at the 2006 Red and White fall softball classic — basically a slate of meaningless fall softball games. Bake showed up in the press box and called one of the Miami games on the radio (in the middle of football season, and with basketball season fast approaching). In fact this was during homecoming weekend (when Miami has its infamous Sunday night homecoming game), so I’m certain Bake has about 500 other things to do that weekend as well.

    The softball radio broadcast was only streamed online, and I can’t imagine the audience was huge, but he called it the same he would a MAC Championship game. That’s why Bake is awesome — not only is he ridiculously good at his job, he knows every game is important to someone listening and treats it as such. We are lucky to have him as the voice of the RedHawks.