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  • Coaching Carousel 2019

    Dantonio out at MSU. All eyes on Fickell
    Dude retired 2 weeks after qualifying for a retention bonus of $4.3 million — quite the power move.
  • Fire coach o

    It appears Miami is receiving a return that is commensurate with its non-existent investment in MBB.
  • 2020 Cincinnati Reds Thread

    Reds raiding the Cubs once again. Reported by Ken Rosenthal that the Reds have signed Pedro Strop, reliever. 1.85 million one year deal. Not bad. If he is good Strop it's a good pickup. And it weakens a rival in the division. 
    Another shortsighted moved by the penny-pinching turds known as the Ricketts family. I am sure people in Cincy will have mixed feelings about Strop’s sideways hat, but he wasn’t healthy last year and is a great rebound candidate. Filthy slider, plus fastball, great guy to get tough outs in the 7th and 8th innings.
  • How investing in basketball can positively affect a University and surrounding businesses

    And maybe we should look at the type of players we had when we were winning and start recruiting those types of players again. Or at least some of them. I am not talking Wally or Harper, although that would be nice. I am talking the Hayes, Winbush, Mavunga, Pollitz twins, Bramos, Fletcher, Mason, Dierkers, Ballard, Peavy. Those type players. 
    The problem is the coaches not named Charlie Coles haven’t been able to develop anyone. Basically the players come in and never get better — or get worse in some cases. If you’re gonna succeed in the MAC you have to develop — we’ve sucked big time at that for almost a decade now.
  • Congrats to Super Bowl Bound Deland Mc Cullough

    3 years in a row Miami repped at the Super Bowl — Brooks in 18, McVay in 19 and Deland this year.