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  • Chuck Martin will be fired at the end of this season

    Would be a very Chuck move to beat UB, get us excited for a potential MACC trip, and then lose to OU. 
  • Fire Chuck Martin

    I said it once, and I will say it again.....Lance Guidry should have been promoted to head coach at Miami University.
    Chuck was actually not a bad hire at the time considering how shitty the program was. He did a good job of making Miami football halfway respectable again.

    What was unforgivable was what happened after last season — nothing. Chuck should have gotten the Rico treatment (i.e. fire your awful assistant coaches or you’re done) or been shown the door himself. Option 3 — stay the course — shouldn’t have been an option. But apparently it was and here we are, having lost the first two FBS games of every season since 2011.
  • The one about Akron not letting Allie Cummins out of NLI to play at Miami

    Especially when there is underage drinking and smoking involved...

    Good thing none of our athletic teams engage in such behavior. 
    I suppose saying you don't want to go to Akron because they were 4-43-1 last season won't win your NLI appeal, but stuff like this with incoming athletes (as opposed to transfers) is particularly stupid.  When the kid hasn't even set foot on campus yet, just release them and move on to the next one.     
  • Urban Meyer on paid administrative leave

    With Ohio State, Michigan State, Penn State, and Maryland all in the Big Ten East, perhaps the SEC divisions are no longer the most corrupt programs  in college sports
    Don't forget Illinois with Tim Beckman (fired after forcing players to play through injuries), Indiana with Kevin Wilson (same), and Kyle Flood at Rutgers (suspended and then fired after trying to get a professor to changes grades for a player).  Good work all around B1G.    
  • Urban Meyer on paid administrative leave

    I was thinking the same thing. A Friday release was what many people were expecting. 

    HighSreet. Woof. Dr. Drake will do the right thing.
    If I’ve learned anything from Baylor, Michigan State and Penn State it’s that, when presented with an opportunity to do the right thing, institutions of higher learning that glorify athletics above all else usually do the exact opposite.