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  • CHN reporter hearing news that Rico's staff is out

    Bump. Guess this didn’t solve the problem. Win totals last 4 years are 15, 9, 12, and 11. Worst or second worst team in NCHC last three years. 2009 feels like it was about 50 years ago.
  • Is This The End...the 2017-18 Cleveland Cavaliers Thread

    Wonder if this series starts the momentum for seeding the playoff teams 1-16 regardless of conference.
  • Jim Thome makes the Hall of Fame!

    I will die on this hill...

    The 30+% of voters who voted for Omar Vizquel should have their voting rights stripped for life. Grant Busbee saying "I just liked watching him play" is pathetic. Come at me, you Windians dorks, I'll fight this until the bitter end.

    Defend Ozzie Smith being in the Hall.

    Ozzie was the best defensive player ever.  Omar was not.  This article sums it up nicely: https://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/omar-vizquel-and-the-worst-hitters-in-the-hall-of-fame/

  • Miami Summer Bridge Program-Success!

    So how much is a scholarship worth?

    Suppose you're like most of us...a mom and dad and have to pay your kid's fees with after tax income.

    FYI: Miami's in state room/board/tuition/books fees are  $29,360 and out of state $48,613. 

    It takes a fair bit of after tax cash to pay those bills. Let's say mom and dad are paying various local/state/federal income taxes in the 35% range, which I would guess most of us are. So you're in the 35% tax bracket and live in Ohio. It takes $45,169 of their pretax income to pay the fees. ($48,613 -35% or 15,809) Out of state...it takes the best part of $75,000 (!!!) of their pretax income to pay the bill.

    Think about in in those terms. I personally think they're getting a pretty damn good deal. They, in effect, have a part time job that pays $45-$75K a year. That's a pretty good part time job for most of the college kids I know. Yes, I know it's a lot of hours. I was a scholarship athlete and understand to some degree the commitment. But NCAA limits formal practice in and out of season. And...there's other benefits like what's being discussed here.

    I'm still paying off student loans for my three kid's college. They're not cheap and a full or partial ride would have been nice and, I think, more than enough to compensate them for their time.

    Lastly, pretend your kid's not on scholarship and is taking out loans he'll be paying back for the next 10 years. He's working a part-time campus jobs to get a little date money. He's already paying some good sized chunk of his $1939/yr general fee to support intercollegiate athletics to pay for their scholarships (and other benefits he can't get). Now, you want to raise fees again to give that athlete some cash so that an athlete can have a little pocket money? That's what mom and dad are for.
    Would cost Miami $0 to let athletes sell their individual publicity rights or to pool them together and market them as a group.
  • REDefining Miami football

    How about Miami just win some damn football games instead of changing the uniforms every two years to distract everyone from the fact that the program has been hot garbage lately.

    Yeah, stupid administration trying to help build positive momentum for the program.  Personally I would have refused the money for the indoor facility and the gunlock center until we had won 10+ games again. 

    Great reading comprehension on your part there, dude. Things like facilities actually help build sustainable programs. Things like funny looking unis may attract some 18 year old eyeballs but the next 3 star recruit that picks Mother Miami because of its cool unis will be the first.