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  • Bergeron on off-season: 'Uncertainty'

  • The College Athletics Dominoes are starting to fall

    Here is a story along the same lines, MAC in a media desert:

    Seems to me like a great opportunity for a journalism student to take advantage of, or the journalism dept to assume some type of ownership of...
    People don't realize how much the money dried up in journalism almost overnight.

    C. Trent told me last year that online revenue dropped 80 percent in the previous five years. 

    USA Today sealed journalism's fate in 1997 when they started allowing free online access. Others followed suit then tried to back off that when people realized they didn't need to buy a paper if the same information was available online for free.

    Media always thought they'd be important and seriously underestimated the impact of the internet, and they were not innovative enough to continue generating revenue the way they had previously.

    I single-handedly built a Northern Kentucky high school sports page for WCPO's website, but the douchnozzle that runs WCPO online was hired in 2015 and immediately scrapped it citing a lack of traffic (despite the fact everyone ignored every one of my suggestions to boost hits through promotion), thus essentially laying me off. I wasn't making nearly as much doing that as I did at The Cincinnati Post, which closed in 2007.

    The Post is gone, the Enquirer, Journal-News and Dayton Daily have all made significant cuts to sports, and those positions aren't coming back. The "beat writer" role is essentially dead, and the best a school like Miami can hope for is to get the occasional feature (which is easy, since a writer just has to make a couple of calls and do minimal research) and possibly playoff coverage.

  • Mitch Korn in NHL HoF?

    Also, in this current environment, if we're going to write 10 million stories about Aliu and Evander Kane's journeys, the fact that the sports media doesn't have raging woodies about Jarome Iginla getting into the HOF is sickening.

    I guess it doesn't fit their narrative that the first black skater gets in because he wasn't controversial. Gave millions to charity, won the King Clancy, scored 625 goals in the dead-puck era (tied for 16th all-time), played both ways and he was a helluva fighter in his day. As a closet Flames fan he's one of my favorite players.

    Should be one of the biggest sports stories of the year.
  • 2020-21 roster

    Not sure, but both were scratched for the stretch run last season, which is pretty telling.

    I thought Jordan started off well but tailed off. Hawkinson was one of the hardest-working guys on the team as a freshman but went 0-2-2 in 26 games in 2019-20. 

    Can't say I'm shocked about either. Wish them nothing but the best in the future.
  • 20-21 Schedule

    The relationship between OSU and Miami is better now. They're working on renewing the series in the future.