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  • delayed penalty (ok, season)

    Just came here to post that.

    Would be incredibly weird watching games at Cady on teevee.
  • delayed penalty (ok, season)

    Per a quick Google search

    January is the coldest month in Grand Forks, with an average high-temperature of 16.5°F (-8.6°C) and an average low-temperature of -3.1°F (-19.5°C)

    So much for packing the golf clubs

    Yep, we were going to make the trip this season in late November. The average temperature in Grand Forks then is lower than the coldest week in Oxford.

  • Athletics and Miami Financial State

    Drop hockey = athletic budget saved
    Drop bouncyball since hockey doubles it in attendance and has raised tens of millions in donations. Nobody outside of this board cares about Miami basketball. Most games can't even draw a thousand people (no, I'm not really advocating that, just responding to what is apparently MHT's last remaining troll).

    Hockey had its worst season in 29 years and averaged almost 2k. Bergeron will return hockey to a winner in the next couple of seasons. 
  • Athletics and Miami Financial State

    Thanks for the info. I just hope this isnt the end of Miami sports as I know it.

    Amazingly enough on a Miami sports fan forum many of you wont feel the same and would be thrilled if this led to Miami having a D3 or non scholarship model-

    but I have always put a lot of my weekend focus on Miami football and bball. I have attended games, bowl games, ncaa tournament games. It was by far the biggest part of my connection to the school since graduation -at least until my daughter went -and I will have some regret to my college choice 30 + years ago if Miami drops or demotes its sports

    The good news is the AD has said Miami will continue. To make up the finances I suggest a couple things

    1) where possible replace fcs home games with money away games. Chuck Martin will hate it but times are tough. You dont have to add another OSU- even Pitt was paying $1.1M. Keep the scheduled games you have and add some Pitts and Syracuse and Boston Colleges- which should add over a $1M per year without being too stressful

    2) make sure whatever spring schedule you come up with doesnt impact the @ Minnesota game for next year

    3) basketball needs to play some money games too- i have found no evidence that playing the soft schedules over the last 8 years has helped- replace the SC State or Alabama A&M games with road games at Xavier, uc or big 10.

    4) Furloughs to the athletic staff as necessary- sounds awful but every other entity in America is doing it.

    5) hockey travel non conference needs to be as close as possible. We travel enough in conference
    Amen to No. 5. I've been saying that for years. It's amazing how out of control that got.

  • Bergeron on off-season: 'Uncertainty'