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  • Miami goes to #7 Denver this weekend

    Yes, it was funny. I was just too PO'd from Miami's steamer to comment.
  • 7 schools to leave WCHA

    It's a HUGE factor in kids' decisions! This league is one of the best recruiting tools Miami has.

    Hold this thought.

    There are tons of scouts that come out to see NCHC games because of the high level of play.

    Scouts scout other teams in other leagues. Including the WCHA. Scouting is not unique to the NCHC.

    I cringe every time I read about how Miami (and Western) should switch for geographic purposes and could be open to that.

    I especially cringe when I read it from Miami alums/fans who should know better.

    Miami is in the best college hockey league in the world, and yeah, the travel isn't ideal,

    We are an FBS school trying to stay relevant in a football arms race. Fortunately we have the best facilities in the MAC. However, as long as we, or any MAC school, want to stay relevant in this arms race, cash will always be king. We have one of the higher athletic budgets in the MAC. We are also towards the top of the MAC in borrowing from the general fund to cover athletic cost overruns. This while the cost of education continues to climb with no end in sight. And while you can dismiss this with a wave of your hand that “the travel isn’t ideal,” I assure you Sayler's fiduciary responsibilities do not allow him to feel this cavalier about the situation. And with year-over-year attendance declining (FFS, BUGS outdrew us this year!) that revenue/cost gap has widened substantially since we joined. Folks, this is not sustainable. While we have benefited greatly from our benefactors, we’re still an FBS MAC school. At the rate we’re going, the cash will eventually run out.

    and yeah, the team has struggled the past few years, but does anyone seriously believe that waving a white flag and dropping to a lower league over a couple of extra flights a year will fix this program?

    There are people who seriously believe, probably because they don't watch enough hockey, that Miami's struggles are the result of its shift to the NCHC. 

    Wait. I thought you opened with the league being one the best recruiting tools we have. Every year I read how THIS year the recruits we have are awesome. Read it again this week regarding the USNTDP kids coming in. Mmmmmkaaaaayyyyy, so it’s not the recruits or recruiting, it’s certainly not the facilities, so it must be on-ice coaching. Well, much to my dismay, we just hired a guy with a pedigree for building plodding, defense-only teams in a clutch-and-grab league who now has to adapt that to the NCHC style of play. Then he brings along an assistant responsible for building offenses with, at best, marginal offensive results. Oh…and this is the guy who has a history of not getting his teams to close. This year, BUGS was up 2 goals in the WCHA championship game with 2 minutes to go and lost. And they were up 1 goal with 3 minutes left against Duluth in the NCAA first round and lost. And do I have to remind the group about BU in ’09? And you feel confident this is going to succeed? 
    We should be ECSTATIC that this window of suck has happened while Miami has been in this league. Miami's stock had never been higher when the NCHC was formed, and had Miami had to change conferences now, there's no way it  would've been included in such a power league playing the way it has the past five years.

    Ever read SiouxSports.com? They feel the exact same way about us. The phrase I saw was “Why Miami?” That doesn’t feel good to me.
    I just don't understand why for some reason some people don't like Miami being in the best D-1 conference in college hockey by far and want to shift to a lower-tier league over a bad five-year run.

    To date I’ve always been 100% with you regarding being in the NCHC and I’ve loved being in the best conference. Given the circumstances that you lay out, it has unarguably been THE place for us. However, in light of this new opportunity that just presented itself, the circumstances have now changed and the luster of being in the best D1 league simply to be in the league has worn off. We now have a coach with a proven track record of success (well, except for closing the deal) in building a team to compete in this new type of league – a league that will be markedly better after jettisoning all that dead weight. We have a chance to significantly lower our operational costs and while that doesn’t mean much to you, it certainly does to the administration. We have a chance to finally build some rivalries and pack our barn again. 

    If Western is also in, sign me up. 

    Back to lurking.

    The league is the best recruiting tool Miami has and they've still failed the past five years. That's why all five head, assistant and associate coaches that have held their respective positions have been fired the past 16 months.

    I've been at the rink and watch away games on my computer, and believe me, this team has been brutal. 

    Look at the success St. Cloud and UMD have had in this league while Boston College, Boston U. and other traditional powers have floundered. Teams in this league -- overall -- are getting higher-end talent because their kids want to play in this league.

    I've talked to a number of families that have said this.

    And saying I don't care about travel is not accurate. I've said repeatedly that I don't understand why Miami schedules non-conference games at New Hampshire, Maine and Providence when there must be closer, non-flight options. That's what people should be questioning.

    I also have paid for season tickets the last 13 years, and if that cost needs to rise, I'm willing to pay it to see the best college hockey league in the world.

    You make interesting points about the new WCHA but I still think Miami's best path to success is to remain in the NCHC. 
  • Meyer transferring, blames coaching

  • Put 2 "W's" in Denver this weekend!

    Denver "wins" the shootout.

    Or as the DU color commentator would describe it (via his hot mic during commercial breaks), this was a case of DU "pissing away points" against a "junk team" with a "shaky goalie."
    Wow, he really said that?!?

    Calling Larkin shaky tells you all you need to know about his credibility.