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  • Boom! Great Day to Be a RedHawk!

    Is Braxton Beverly returning for his 12th year of eligibility?
  • Our softball team IS pretty good.

    Miami softball might be the best team that nobody gets to see this year. Families only at games.

    Question, what if we can prove we’re fully vaccinated and past the 2 week window? Can we go to the stadium & see the team play then?

    Exactly, and this question applies far beyond sporting events.  Crickets from the CDC.

    I dont think the CDC decides this. There are guidelines from the state and county. Just check mlb and nba attendance it is different by state. Miami has chosen to be very cautious while applying those guidelines
    No argument there; I’m not faulting Miami’s guidelines, given the information available.  I’m faulting the CDC.  It has 10,000 employees and a $6.5 billion budget, yet after a year of the most damaging pandemic in U.S. history, it has no answer to this key question.  How do you “follow the science” if the scientists don’t tell you what it is?  And they should be able to:  it has been four months since the first shots, and over 200 million Americans have been vaccinated.  Where are the studies?
  • Be Like Baylor!

    They “out-Gonzaga’ed” Gonzaga.   Loved their team prayer after the game.
  • John Shoemaker story - Miami 1978

    Shoe and Randy Ayers were both drafted by the Bulls in the NBA draft. Yep..Two Redskins in the same year. A 7-round draft helped.

    All local talent.
    Ayers was 3/#53/Chicago; then Shoemaker 6/119Chicago; Aldridge 6/#125 Wash.

    As said before it was a shame Bernie Neman was suspended which caused the slump during MAC play.

    Prima Donna Goodyear was drafted the year before by Mil in the 6th. I think the team played better without him and Goins came into his own.
    Newman was some player.  We called him "The Doctor" and for good reason.  Unreal physical ability.  I played a pickup game in Withrow once, with Bernard on the other team.  I got the ball deep in the corner, and Bernard was 8-10 feet away on the baseline.  I set my feet and jumped to shoot the ball.  Bernard got to me in a flash--one step and a jump; all of a sudden I was looking at him way above me and right in my face.  I was shocked, and just heaved the ball as high as I could so he wouldn't block it.  You guessed it . . . nothing but net.  Of course, I sauntered down the court as if I could make that shot all day long.
  • John Shoemaker story - Miami 1978

    Fate, like age, comes for us all!  Seeing Shoe's "then" picture takes me back--I can still see him bringing the ball up court.  Seeing his "now" picture . . . how mortal we all are.

    My roommate and I camped out in line overnight to get tickets for the Kentucky game at UD Arena.  Our seats were literally the last row high up.  We could touch the ceiling.  Sadly, it didn't go our way.  We used to attend practices every week after our AFROTC meetings at Millett.  I remember thinking that Randy and Archie were really big guys, but then I saw Rick Robey.  This makes me remember a Darrel Hedric favorite quote of mine.  When the team would screw up in practice, he would blow his whistle and yell "What is this?  Joe's Bar and Grill?"

    Great memories.