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  • Blasi Fired per CHN

    I am disgusted by this. I get it. He’s paid a lot and wasn’t succeeding. But Miami athletics has several more pressing issues than firing one of their own.

    I'll say one thing for DS: he doesn't give a flying fuck about "one of our own." Remember his first significant move was canning Maria, who was as engrained in the Miami athletics culture as anyone.

    I also think that anyone who is "disgusted" or calls this an "idiot move" is displaying a level of complacency about mediocrity that I just can't get on board with. We were 32-63-16 over the last 3 seasons. If that's not just cause for a performance-based firing, what is?

    Agreed 100%.  I am a VERY proud Miami alum and love the history of our athletic programs.  That being said, the infatuation with "one of our own" and "Miami men" is kind of weak and super small time behavior.  Preferential treatment just cause they are an alumni breeds complacency and mediocrity as Alex said.  It basically says the only differentiating factor for Miami is having spent time here.  Its fine to find high rising non-Miami alums who use the role as a stepping stone.  Id rather have successful stepping stone coaches than shoot for an underperforming or less qualified alum cause they might stay in Oxford longer.

    Would love someone with a UND or Gopher hockey pedigree
    But, "one of our own" will probably not be tweeting about Purdue!  ):D