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  • Jason Preston

    Thank you, Quinoa, for reminding everyone that Jason Preston LOVES Donald Sterling.
  • Not a terribly charitable review of Miami recruiting

    Coach 3 is probably the coach at Linebacker HS.
  • NBA draft combine

    Preston is hiring an agent, which means he's officially staying in the draft.
    The G League got worse today.
  • It's name, image, and likeness day

    Cameo has been flooded with college athletes this week. This is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more likely (hopefully not OnlyFans!) than whatever horror stories everyone else is concocting.
  • It's name, image, and likeness day

    Quite honestly a lot of student-athletes who will be getting sponsorships and endorsements will be doing so because of their social media presence that they probably started "building" before they were even in college. There's a set of twins on the Fresno State women's basketball team that just got some sort of sponsorship deal, not because they are athletes (though they are very good, MWC player of the year for one and all-conference accolades for the other), but because they have a big following on Tik-Tok. Prior to the NIL ruling they would not have been able to take financial advantage of their Tik-Tok presence simply because they are NCAA athletes. That in my humble opinion is (or was) wrong.

    Some interesting stuff on Twitter today about this. Marshall OL Will Ulmer plays country shows at Huntington bars.  Thanks to the new NIL rules, he can now use his real name instead of a stage name. SMU safety Ra-Sun Kazadi, a graphic design major who's seen very little field time due to injuries, can now have gallery shows and sell his paintings under his own name.
    I never did understand why Will Ulmer chose the stage name Hick Planecrash.

    But yeah, this isn't going to just be car dealerships and shady boosters.