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  • MAC men's tournament coverage

    This Bertram guy looks like he has grandkids.
  • 2020 Football Coaching Carousel

    How. Just how. I’ve never seen such a name brand SEC school and logo just blow up over the past 10 years. The fan base is one of the best in college football. That’s just pathetic.

    Now, do they go the UC coaching route again?

    As a fringe Tennessee fan, its embarrassing the depths that this program has fallen to. One poor coaching decision after the next and an Athletic Department that has been in complete disarray for much of the last 10 years. Too many cooks in the kitchen and zero leadership as a result.

    As far as finding a replacement for Pruitt, good luck. Fickell wouldn’t touch that job with a 10 foot pole. Hugh Freeze is probably the betting favorite at this point, but his closet has a few skeletons in it as well. What a cluster
    Probably shouldn't let Clay Travis pick your next head coach this time what with him being a fucking idiot and all.
  • Major League Baseball

    Hal McCoy says there is a strong rumor that there are 8 team owners which do not want to play and the commissioner needs 75% of the votes to approve a settlement.  8 is enough to block any settlement.
    That's more than a rumor. That has been going around for a week. I've seen it reported as fact by a few different reporters.

    But, hey, it's the players' fault, right?

    As seen above, some folks will always side against the labor. 

    There is "labor" and then there are "athletes". The major league minimum this year is $563,500. They'll be just fine...
    LOLZ what a garbage take. 
  • Is it really that difficult to get in?

    Welp, my kid will have the choice of going to college anywhere she likes, if that's her deal.  I'm just only actually going to help pay for Miami.

    Parent of the Year?
    A perk of writing about the CBJ online, I assume.
  • Fire Chuck Martin


    Or maybe we just change the thread title to F*@# Chuck Martin and everyone’s happy.
    We're opening this joint up to weird fetish people?