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  • Jalen Adaway-Transferring

    Jalen's role was decreasing towards the end of the year and he was butting heads with the coaching staff. He didn't fit in Coach O's plans anymore. It was time for him to go, it was a mutual thing. He seems like a role player in the A-10. He is basically a version of Marcus Weathers, but I don't think he is as good as Marcus.

    But Mid-Major schools can recruit really good players, example Buffalo and Loyola. If you can get really good JUCO transfers (Buffalo - Jeremy Harris and McRae) and D1 transfers you can really excel at the mid major level. Coaches just have to sell the school as a place that these players can come and succeed and give them the best chance to go to the league. 

  • Harper Out

    Darius will probably stay. He loves it here at Miami, he has a daughter at home, which is only an hour from Miami, and I can't see him going somewhere further and being away from his daughter. Also if he stay here, he can start playing tomorrow if he wanted to. It would be a big time pick up for Miami football as Darius was a highly recruited football player out of high school. Coach Martin didn't recruit him because he said he would be a waste of his time. Martin would have Darius in a heartbeat 
  • 2018-19 Roster

    Harouna's situation is unique and I've heard there would be a scholarship given to him for next year without taking away from the 13 basketball scholarships that we are allowed. With Jake and Darius leaving we now have 2 open scholarships. Look for a JUCO and Grad Transfer to come in to even out the classes. 
  • New basketball facility

    The new locker room should be enough to show recruits that we as a program are committed to building new facilities and to the basketball program. Also the new locker room will have graphics and quotes that the new coaching staff values, which will help the team and future recruits buy-in to the culture if they are amerced in it everyday in the locker room. This facilities renovation will take a while, so just buckle up and sit in for the ride because I believe that this coaching staff is going somewhere, and with new facilities and commitment to basketball we could do damage in the MAC for a long time. 
  • So who will be the assistants?

    Damon Frierson is not the 3rd assistant, Kenny Lowe is. There is another guy for the 2nd position.