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    If this keeps up, out D will be toast. 
    We need a long offensive drive to give the D more rest as half time rest did not seem to be enough.
  • Field of 68 - Miami Athletic Fund

    MU needs to get some funds fast to fix facilities just to start. 

    You build it and they will come...
    We have had old outdated facilities for years and look what happened. 
    Regional teams like UC, Dayton, WSU, Xavier, now even NKU, etc. are in a different world.
    We should be playing and showcasing MWC level and A-10 level like hoops like we did in the past.
    This should never have happened. It is sad for so many years to see this.

    Sometimes investments in facilities require not only capital, but also some loans.
    Other schools have done this. 
    Concerts, speakers, other events or conventions can use these facilities.

    Just don’t be a Rutgers mess - be smart about it and don’t overspend.
    Rutgers mess attached...

    Now we struggle to recruit, get really great home games for our players, students, and fans. 
    During, the end of last year, the team had nice wins against BG and Buffalo and seemed to be turning the corner. It is not just play on the field that will turn us around. 
    Fix and improve these facilities.
  • MAC football -- the re-MACTIONing

    I know this might sound bad, but if I am the MAC and a majority of the teams want to play, but there are some who don't, I would tell them, we respect your decision, but we will move forward with a season with those who wish to play. I understand previously, NIU was adamant about not playing. 
    I think that is reasonable and fair.
    The MWC, according to this article, still may not have all participate fully due to local restrictions from COVID (California mostly).

  • Mark Staten Update

    Great hire by Toledo!
    Best of luck Mark.
  • Dayton football rivalry?

    We would (and any MAC school) would crush Dayton.
    Dayton was Div III football for years, but then the NCAA required schools to have football reclassified into “Div I” around 1992-1993 for those schools with DI BB and DIII FB.

    Essentially they required schools like Dayton, Georgetown, Davidson, etc. to move to I-AA (now FCS). Some of these leagues are powerhouse old school leagues (Big Sky, CAA, etc.) with awesome I-AA programs (although many better teams jumped to IA and Sun Belt/CUSA). 
    Others were created to allow schools to have football without spending large $$$ to keep their basketball programs at Div I. 

    Bottom line is that the elite FCS programs and conferences (CAA, Big Sky, etc.) are light years ahead of Dayton’s league. Dayton is still very good and I’m not slamming them. Their league was created for a reason. It is just not the same. Also, Ivy League football is much better than Dayton and their league overall. Sure, Dayton may knock off someone every so often from better IAA league, but overall there is a big difference.