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  • Miami at Wright State - Saturday (12/5) @ 4pm

    Can the shooting machines rebound, pass, dribble, and play defense for us too? When will the machines be game ready?
  • Field of 68 - Miami Athletic Fund

    MU needs to get some funds fast to fix facilities just to start. 

    You build it and they will come...
    We have had old outdated facilities for years and look what happened. 
    Regional teams like UC, Dayton, WSU, Xavier, now even NKU, etc. are in a different world.
    We should be playing and showcasing MWC level and A-10 level like hoops like we did in the past.
    This should never have happened. It is sad for so many years to see this.

    Sometimes investments in facilities require not only capital, but also some loans.
    Other schools have done this. 
    Concerts, speakers, other events or conventions can use these facilities.

    Just don’t be a Rutgers mess - be smart about it and don’t overspend.
    Rutgers mess attached...

    Now we struggle to recruit, get really great home games for our players, students, and fans. 
    During, the end of last year, the team had nice wins against BG and Buffalo and seemed to be turning the corner. It is not just play on the field that will turn us around. 
    Fix and improve these facilities.
  • QB 1

    With the 6 day window between games, it would be almost unheard of to clear him for UB plus he will not have done practices, etc. 
    Physical and cognitive rest protocols, then gradual return to activity is standard. 
    I think it would be a bad idea. He looked like he was knocked out. 

    No need to hurt his future life (memory, headaches, etc.) or his future career.  
    Ultimately, it is the team physicians decisions to clear. They will do the right thing.
  • QB 1

    It appears he was briefly knocked out. 
    It was a high impact helmet to helmet concussion from watching the game last night. 

    Since the next game is Tuesday (only 6 days separation from 1st game), it is very unlikely he would be cleared that quickly. 
    All individual concussions are different. 
    Each athlete has a different recovery pattern/path and return protocols and clearance vary.

    Hopefully, he is OK.

    Mayer will be ready.
  • Game Week - BSU

    I like CBSSN - all the US Service Academies are on that network plus many MWC games as well. They do a nice job.