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  • Big10 Rule Change

    I think the majority of BIG institutions wanted Ohio St. in the championship game because they feel they're the best chance for the BIG to make the playoff.  And making the playoff would allow all BIG institutions to earn extra playoff shares, hence the outward collusion.  Even Michigan was vouching for the rule change.  Poetic justice would be Northwestern to beat them in the BIG championship game.  

    This just adds to the ginormous asterisk that is the college football season.  But everyone needs to make their money...

    I think it really bolsters what Herbstreit was saying a few weeks ago about how the emphasis on the playoff is ultimately going to hurt college football overall. Here, in the craziest of crazy years, it’s pretty ironic that in all likelihood we are going to get essentially the same playoff teams that we’ve gotten for the last 5...
    The 4 team playoff has created an elite class of 5-6 schools (Ohio St. Clemson, Choklahoma, Bamalama, LSU/UGa/Aubarn and maybe ND) that are the only ones able to recruit the 5 stars that want to win a championship.  No one else can get these players and it has turned into a self-perpetuating cycle.
  • Proof God Is Dead

    God is a Steelers fan. Why else would the Browns have drafted Kellen Winslow, Jr.?
  • Battle of the Bricks Cancelled

    We should have faked the Covid outbreak last week to avoid Bortz instead of letting Ohio U. fake it this week to avoid us.
  • St. Xavier could beat BGSU

    BUGS is worse.

    I've not paid much attention. They really that bad?
    I think 60% of their roster has freshman eligibility this year, but in their last 5 games, all in the MAC, they have lost by 41, 42, 42, 35, and 38.
  • Mitchell Miller

    So, he shouldn't be allowed to play pro hockey for what he did in 8th grade?
    Latest reports say he kept doing it up until 2 years ago and it started in 2nd grade. He still hasn't apologized to the classmate even though it was court ordered (not that a court order should need to be made for him to apologize for what he did). He was a douche, was told he was a douche, had an opportunity to not be a douche, then proceeded to continue being a douche. I could maybe say he's changed if he said he hit rock bottom and learned and maybe spent time volunteering at a place for disabled children or anything. Instead he doubled down.
    I practice in Lucas County Juvenile Court where Miller was prosecuted.  It is common practice to have children who are found delinquent of a crime ordered to write a letter of apology and turn it in to the probation office.  If probation does not forward it to the victim, that is not on the child who wrote it.  Certainly Miller may have been able to go beyond that and apologized directly, but he probably was under some sort of no contact order directing him to stay away from the victim, meaning the victim's family is asking for something he is not allowed to do.