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  • The 2021 off-season thread...3 transfers already

    Interesting quote form Bergeron out of The Athletic today:

    "After taking Carter Mazur, an overager I wouldn’t have drafted in the
    third round, I did really like the Red Wings’ selection of Red Savage,
    my 85th-ranked prospect, in the fourth. I called Miami University head
    coach Chris Bergeron this week to try to make sense of Savage, a
    200-foot player who I think has been a little miscast into a strict
    shutdown center projection (I actually quite like his skill level when
    in the dirty areas and his teammates adore him).

    Here’s what Bergeron had to say: “I played three years with his dad
    at Miami, I’ve been friends with his dad for a long time, I watched Red,
    and Ryan, and Rory grow up and Ryan’s on our team now going into his
    third year. Where we’re excited is we’re a program in transition and we
    need kids that aren’t going to settle for anything less than winning.
    And Red Savage is a winner. It’s that intangible that’s really, really
    hard to put a value on but it’s so valuable. He’s not one of those guys
    that’s going to wow you with size, or this or that. If you need a
    faceoff, you need a penalty kill, you need a blocked shot, or you need a
    goal, Red Savage is the guy. When you talk to the U.S. program people,
    this is a kid who made an impact. Did he have the hardest shot or was he
    the fastest skater? No. But he was the guy that the coaching staff went
    to right away as a glue person and the guy who drives the bus every
    day. We’re extremely excited about Red. He’s going to push our program.
    We’re pumped. There were some first-round players on that team and the
    name they continually mention is Red Savage.”"

  • The 2021 off-season thread...3 transfers already

    Final NHL prospect rankings has Red Savage ranked 54th among NA skaters, which makes him a likely third-rounder.

    Red to the Red Wings with pick #114.
  • NHL 2021-2021 Season Thread, presented by Chuck's Uptown Food Truck

    Greene signs a one year deal with NYI, which satisfies their requirement to expose a veteran D man to the expansion draft. I don’t see Seattle taking a Krack at Greene . . .
  • NHL 2021-2021 Season Thread, presented by Chuck's Uptown Food Truck

    Justin Vaive won the Kelly Cup with Ft. Wayne last night.
  • NHL 2021-2021 Season Thread, presented by Chuck's Uptown Food Truck

    Martinez with a bad turnover, and Martinez with the tying goal.