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  • Major League Baseball

    He hit it on a 3-0 count and some think that that was bad form.

    Gotta hustle and play hard on every pitch, except when you shouldn't, is a very confusing way to go about things.

    Perhaps if the Rangers thought they were so far behind that Tatis shouldn't have swung, they should have told the umpire they were conceding the game.
    Where’s the line? Should you be stealing bases up 10 in the 9th?

  • Ryan Pedon- interview

    "I am in control here at the White House."

    - Coach Al Haig.
  • Jason Grunkemeyer's shot against Bowling Green . . .

    . . . was 20 years ago yesterday.

    (Sorry, don't have a video for you.)
  • Fire coach o

    I knew Joby....quite well. Yes, after one particularly bad performance by the team, he put them back on the Millett floor after Millett had cleared out for a late-night practice. Maybe today, that's against the rules (as I'm clearly not an NCAA compliance specialist).
    Joby and I spoke many times; he and his wife were guests in my home....and he conducted himself well in a large group setting I organized around them. (He told me that, after being in Oxford for almost three years, I was the first white person to invite him/them to their home....something that hit me pretty hard).
    Anyway, Joby knew that I was also close to R C Johnson and many of his calls to me involved asking if I could talk to R C on his behalf and see if Miami couldn't find a bit more money for him and his family (he had four children). He left Miami to take the head coaching job at Wyoming, solely because they offered him more money....and that was a key motivator for him.

    Years later, after he left Wyoming, we had dinner together in Cincinnati and he joked that, as it turned out, he was the biggest (as in height) black man in the state of Wyoming. He also asked if I knew anyone who wanted to buy his home in Wyoming...and he shared the pictures with me. At that time, as I recall, he was coaching a minor league basketball team (I think in Cincinnati....but I had already relocated out west).

    I wish he never left. He could have found great success at Miami.

    I had always heard he was invited to leave after directing some comments toward the women's  team.

    Wasn’t it on a shared bus ride home after an away double header which the women won and the men lost? That’s my recollection of the circumstances.
    I remember a story about Joby throwing a roll of toilet paper at Jamie Mercurio on a bus ride and telling him to “wipe” (due to his crappy play), but not sure if it was the same bus ride.
  • Fire Chuck Martin

    The guy is not a competent head coach if he doesn’t understand kicking a field goal with 3 1/2 minutes left to get you within a touchdown, especially with a defense that is playing well and three timeouts.

    Eh, it's a bowl game. No one kicks 17.5 yard field goals in a bowl game. Senior Center has to do his job.
    Most try to win bowl games.