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  • Random Questions...why do we have football?

    I don't know the answers to these question but I often wonder...

    Admission, does football help you recruit more students to Miami?  
    Advancement, does football help you raise more money for the University?  
    Career, does football help you get more companies on campus? 
    Deans, does football help support academic programs? 
    Does football help our school rankings? 
    Does Miami build community for students so they have a great campus experience?  
    Do we know if students care if we have football or not?  
    Do Alumni care anymore?   
    Does Butler county support Miami football?  Does football build a sense of pride and community in Oxford and on campus?  Do people build their weekends (mid-week) around going to Miami football?  
    Do real Miami fans still feel like, "If Chuck Martin can't do it, no one can"
    How much does it cost to have football at Miami (coaches, facilities, trainers, doctors etc...) . Is it worth it?
    Why do we play UC every year now that they are way out of our league (should they pay us to play them)
    What is the MAC willing to do to not have their teams go and play big time programs for money?  
    What is the true number of people attending games in Oxford (when is MAC going to stop cooking the books with attendance)?
    Do we hang our hat on the past that we are not building anything for the future (Cradle of Coaches and Big Ben, 70's, 80's 90's)   Will we ever experience good times again with Miami football?

    If enough people care about football being at Miami what can we do to make it more meaningful to all?  Reading this board I believe Miami's biggest fans and supporters post...but it also feel like more and more people are loosing faith and commitment.  I hope we win a Mac Championship and win the bowl... I am sure it will help build optimism  around the program.

  • Chuck Moron’s OSU post game interview

    Sayler and the administration of Miami should answer the question, is it worth the carnage? This schedule puts our coach and kids at a tremendous disadvantage.
    Who is the administration anymore?  Steve Brockelbank and Craig Bennett left.  Steve Cady, Jud Killy, Jill Gilbert, Steve Baker... no one is a football person that can answer that question or make the critical decisions that is best for the program.