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  • MAC bowl games

    Watching The MAC bowl games made me sad we didn’t make one...we sure would’ve shown better than NIU and watching OU dismantle San Diego State reminded me that sometimes our team did compete well with a pretty good team.
  • MAC bowl games

    EMU makes nice comeback and were one play from winning (sound familiar?), and blow game by allowing GSU to rip off 29 yard run on 4th and 10 with a minute left in the game. Typical MAC bowl game: a heartbreaking loss.
  • MAC Opponents for 2019 Announced

    Tough MAC schedule with OU and WMU on road. Even at home, assume Buffalo and NIU will be challenging games. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but kinda hard to see a path to 7-5 and a bowl game with that OOC and MAC schedule. Sigh.
  • Worst College Football Stadiums #10 Yager

    That also was the year the NCAA reclassified the MAC as IAA for one season. (Due to attendance and/or stadium capacity as I recall) The league refused to acknowledge the lower classification and did not participate in the IAA playoffs. When BG and Miami played we were both ranked in the top 5 or so in the IAA national rankings. A little trivia for you all.

    The next season the MAC was re-certified as a IA conference.
  • Worst College Football Stadiums #10 Yager

    I have mixed feelings about this ...when I was at Miami we had old Miami Field and with our perennial top 25 teams th place (all 14,900 seats and SRO) was packed and rocking most every game. That was fun but the away (student) stands were only 20 rows so it wasn’t exactly great for viewing the game. The home side only had 30 rows, all gray metal bleachers with wooden bleachers in the end zones.

    I was excited when they built Yager and for many years we had pretty good crowds there during our good seasons (of which we had quite a few). Usually we drew 18-20K at Parents weekend and HC, and usually had 12K-15K or so other games. During the magical 2003 season we even averaged 25K a game.

    They’ve made some nice improvements to Yager in recent years with the Cradle of Coaches plaza, the new student stands and having the IPF in the north end zone. The problem we have is twofold...years and years of mediocre results plus the MACtion weeknight games which have turned Yager into a “ghost town” on game nights. Our attendance for these weeknight games are so bad it wouldn’t even help to be in a stadium as small as old Miami Field.

    So, do I miss Miami Field..yeah I do but I think Yager could be just as fun if we could rebuild a winning tradition and get our fans back. As for MACtion, there are no answers for that in terms of killing attendance...if the games were only on thursday it wouldn’t be so bad but the Tuesday and Wednesday games are ridiculous. Anyway, the deal is done so there’s no turning back on that in the short term.