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  • UConn to Big East

    Could the AAC go after Northern Illinois to get the Chicago market?

    JiveHawk promised us NIU to the Big 10 was a done deal like 6 years ago.

    Are we doing this again?

    • "Firing Treadwell in the middle of the season is laughable and a nonstarter." -Bash Riprock
    • "John Cooper is the man for the job." -El13
    • "Armand Robinson is the next Hines Ward." -Bluesman
    • "The Cavaliers are idiots if they take Kyrie Irving with the #1 pick instead of Shelvin Mack." -Professor Fate
    • "Austin Boucher should be starting over Zac Dysert." -elpalito
    • "Croatia has 20 prospects just as good as Christian Pulisic." -trumpetdaddy
    • "A 33% two pointer is more efficient than a 28% three pointer." -skins
    • "Miami should look at hiring Dave Shula to be the OC." -El13
    • "A convincing win by Navy in the AAC championship game would justify moving them ahead of WMU." -AORedhawk33
    • "The 2017 men's basketball team will win a minimum of 11 conference games this season." -El13
    • "Is the Louisville prostitution scandal really that big of a deal?" -Quinoaburger
    • "John Cooper literally stole money from Miami by not resigning after year 4." -NWORedhawk
    • "The Yankees are a bunch of bums who can't beat Tomlin and the worst catcher in the league." -DSnyder15
    • "I don't know if hiring John Harbaugh would be a good idea. The last Miami grad didn't win a game in almost two years." -greggie76
    • "NIU is a legit Big 10 candidate." -JiveHawk
    • "I don't think I'm going to post much today about the game." -Bluesman
    • "Love Big Ben, but he kinda got us off track." -El13
    • "I didn't need to see Mrs. Crawford doing YMCA in her yoga pants with Swoop. Have some self-respect for cryin' out loud, your husband is the President!" -digitalhawk
    • "How about hiring this St. Mary's coach to replace Cooper?" -El13
    • *Posts a picture of Massive Headwound Harry immediately after a Miami baseball player gets taken off the field in an ambulance with a head injury* -The_Sackman
  • UConn to Big East

    I actually meant drop football rather than drop realignment. There's no way that football program would be profitable as an independent, is there?
    Not unless you are Notre Dame or one of the military schools.

    of course, is it profitable for Miami (or other MAC, Sun Belt, CUSA...) to participate in FB under the current conditions?

    Here is one opinion on what UMass needs - to join a conference.  12.17.17 ARTICLE FROM AMHERST WIRE

    ...even if UMass joins a conference, it is unlikely it will be profitable - - - unless its a P5 conference.
  • 2019-20 Non-Conference Schedule


    It's a hometown game for Mekhi Lairy. This is standard practice in college basketball.

    Looking forward to the future road game in Nigeria for Precious Ayah.

    Road trip!
    The Arctic 6 becomes the Tropical Savanna 6.
  • Women's World Cup

    Rapinoe has been the weakest link on the team so far this tournament (except for maybe Naeher) and it really sucks that Ellis won't be able to bench her now. And that's all I have to say about that.