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  • WBB HC Search

    Why would you not edit out the first 10+ minutes of that press conference video?
    We start the feed early so people can join and know that it is up and running. The archive is put up by the folks the host the website and not my department. They put the feed up as is. Sorry for the inconvenience of the 10 minute front end. 

    If you would like to watch the edited version it is available at 
  • New Tailgating Changes

    And if you buy a red zone spot it doesn't guarantee you a space there. Which doesn't make me happy when I drive four hours to game. 

    Not quite accurate - when you originally applied for this coming season's Red Zone, there was a chance that the new Red Zone would be over-subscribed since it is smaller, and you might not get accepted. However, if you do get in, you will get a reserved spot.

    As of this morning, the lot is not fully subscribed.  In the next 3 to 4 weeks Alex (ticket office) will be calling those who ordered Red Zone to pick their spot, based on priority points.  So, if you ordered, you will be getting a spot.

    However, if you ordered a parking pass for the West lot which is no longer Red Zone, it is wide open & there is no guarantee that the lot will not fill up!
  • Student profile of Stela Kukoc