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    These two games could certainly both be flukes and the season could go off the rails.

    BUT to me, the biggest difference between well coached teams and poorly coached teams is well coached teams find ways to win close games and poorly coach teams find ways to lose.

    Exhibit a: these first two games compared to all the games coop blew.
    Exhibit b: all the games Haywood somehow eeked out compared to all the games chuck has found ways to blow.

    The fact that we have been so resilient and gutty in the final minutes really gives me hope. I’m sure we will lose games due to youth, but I saw poise and well run set plays I never saw under Cooper.

    Lots of folks on here believe Miami has a talent advantage over our foes. I’m not so sure. DBs got schooled tonight and the OL and DL really struggle either stopping a 4-man rush or getting pressure on the QB. Want to talk QB play? Who threw better balls tonight? Rags or EMUs QB?

    It's still virtually the same team that pushed around Mississippi St. in the bowl game last year. That suggests it's a coaching or S&C issue rather than a talent issue.

    Third option, which I didn't believe at the time but now think is the most likely scenario, is that Miss St. didn't give a fuck.
  • LIU Game Thread

    Why are we still talking about this?

    Not sure. Kid had 7 TOs, we still won the game, we are 3-0, we tip off game four tonight, but some can’t forgive 7 TOs
    Chuck Martin would love to have 7 TOs per half.
  • A thread about the magnitude of David Sayler's proverbial testicles

    Since the last time Miami made a bowl game, Georgia Southern made an FCS semifinal, went through the FBS transition period, won a bowl game, and had their program decline to a likely 0-12 season.

    Since the last time Miami made a bowl game, UCF moved from a secondary conference to a power conference, won the Fiesta Bowl, went back to a secondary conference, went 0-12, turned it around, and are likely on track for ¹12-0 season with another major bowl berth.
    =>They say, "If you remember the 60s, then you don't really remember the 60s." The @Quinoaburger Corrollary is "If you remember the 2016 Miami RedHawks, then you don't really remember the 2016 Miami RedHawks."
  • Hartford Game thread

    For our first 3 games, we seemed well prepared for our opponent.  Not so much tonight.  In this game we were facing a slower, older, smarter, skilled offensively team.  Our advantage tonight would have been our speed and athleticism.  We played their game until the last 8 minutes, and they were much better at it than us.  Plus we seemed really unprepared against the 1-3-1, hard to see if we actually had a plan of attack against it.  We matched Da'Lonte Brown against their star and he was totally unable to guard him.  Adaway should have been guarding him all night long.

    Darrien Ringo also shares the blame for what happened tonight.  He has basically been given the keys to run the team and he took himself out of the game for most of the first half because of a lack of personal discipline.  He is the only ball handler that we have who is not a true freshman, and he left them out there to be exploited when Hartford went to the 1-3-1 which we apparently were not prepared for.

    We also shot terribly from 3 point range until the very end, partly because we did not have good ball movement and guys were often not catching a pass on balance and in good shooting position.

    So tonight we were not really ready and prepared and we got exposed.  It is just one game, but it was certainly a reality check for everybody. We have to be a lot better than that in almost every area, from coaching and preparation to execution of the game plan to one on one defense (way too many breakdowns) to hitting open shots.  On to Tulane and we had better be ready to go and to battle for 40 minutes Wednesday, they are a better team than Hartford, and it will be in their gym.

  • LJ Livingston Jr.

    MWhy can't you buy gummy vitamins (always pills) in the "Silver" class?
    When you have people, who can only gum their food, it defeats the purpose of putting out a vitamin product that requires teeth to chew.

  • Bash the Bulldogs !

    Rico went Back to the no. 1 line, but he started an extra defenseman. Must've been super natural insight because Switzer got the boot far bashing a UMD player who accosted "his" goal tender. Whole team looked fired up the entire game. Sherwood still not his old self, must be patient Keep the faith!
  • Hartford Game thread

    Hartford may have sucked last year but they are a veteran team and they play well together. They have some nice pieces like Lynch and Carroll. Don't like losing by this many but hopefully this is a learning experience for the team and I am going to look to see who stopped playing hard to the end.