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  • Ball State

    Also on ESPN3 is the Alabama national championship parade. Why is this parade being held nearly two weeks after 'Bama won the title?
    A better question is why are they having an Alabama parade instead of a UCF parade?

  • Time to fire

    Program is in a Steep decline. RICO needs to get his act together ,. Team has played  like shit the last 3 games.

    It's been in decline for several years now. This year is actually better than last IMO. We need to start getting some wins though, ASAP and get back in this tourney
    Miami's last 5 years:

    2013-14: 15-20-3; 6-17-1 in NCHC (8th of 8th); lost in NCHC title game
    2014-15: 25-14-1; 13-6-0 in NCHC (2nd of 8th); won NCHC title, lost NCAA first round game
    2015-16: 15-18-3; 9-13-2-2 in NCHC (5th of 8th)
    2016-17:  9-18-7; 5-14-5 (7th of 8th)
    2017-18:  9-11-2; 4-7-1 (currently 7th of 8th)

    Miami plays Colorado College this weekend, which is currently 8th in the NCHC standings.

    Didn’t CC sweep Miamimat CC last year? Just sayin.
    So in 4 years in the NCHC, in an 8 team conference, Miami has finished 8th, 7th, 5th, and the outlier, 2nd.  Currently we are 7th.  No students remember us being great.  Just like with football and basketball, when you reach this level it is really hard and takes a great effort to climb back out of this hole all the way back to the top.
  • Beer is Good (chips are also)

    One of the members of our informal "beer club" is moving to the NYC area next week.  His favorite beer is Newcastle Brown Ale (I think that is the correct name).  The way I understand it, the host of tonight's event has stocked up on many bottles of that particular brew to honor the departure of a good friend.  It is a snacks only night as it is just a tad bit to cold for our usual cook out.  Brings me to my point at last.  I am bringing bags of Unique Pretzels which I believe are the best pretzels made.  The Extra Salt Splits are great for pairing with beer and the Extra Dark Splits are wonderful any time.