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  • 2019-20 Non-Conference Schedule

    At one time Miami did host local rivals Dayton, Xavier, and Cincinanti but those games are no longer rivals and those schools have sped past Miami in terms of facilities, interest and institutional support.  Further, Miami interest is way down and Miami fans were even staying away from these local rivalry games.

    Miami did host the likes of schools like Michigan, Purdue, etc.... in the past but with the sub-500 records, low fan interest (Since the 2005-06 season Miami has hemorraged fans going from 5th in the MAC East with 4028 fans per game to 2nd to last in the MAC East with 1113 fans per game.) and little institutional support it makes absolute sense for Miami to pay non-D1 schools and also to arrange for low-major schools for H/A games.  Miami has always been frugal and its current scheduling philosophy is right in line with its current strategy.

  • Fall Camp 2019

    Two, he's an "I coached good; they played bad" kind of guy.  I *hate* coaches who throw players under the bus in the post-game -- even when they deserve it.  That's not good leadership, and it's not good teaching.  

    I remember a game where we had 1st and goal at the one with a minute to go against the softest front 7 in the league in a situation where even a field goal would have given us the lead. Chuck called for a 2 FB pistol formation with a DT as one of the FBs (a formation that I don't think we had used at all that season) and then he called a play out of that formation that required a pre-snap shift. As everyone probably remembers, the play went haywire and we lost on a 99 yard fumble return. In the post game press conference, Chuck blamed the loss on the DT who he sent out on that play. It's just wildly inappropriate for someone who's supposed to be a leader.

    That is absolutely correct.  When a team fails to execute a shift or a play correctly, that falls on the coaching staff for not teaching it and practicing it over and over till it is done perfectly.  The coach should take responsibility for the error, then go back to practice and run the play time and time again until it is done perfectly.  Players will get the message. Attention to detail is a mark of a great coach.  If your team screws up execution, that is the fault of the staff, and ultimately the head coach.
  • Quarterback Competition

    I went to the scrimmage today expecting to see AJ Mayer and Jackson Williamson battling it out.  Williamson was wearing shorts and did not participate, but I doubt that he is badly injured as he seemed to be moving around without any visible injury.

    Last year I though Mayer had the best arm of all our QB's , I think his arm is still pretty good.  However, in watching him run the offense today, it just looked like the game was too fast for him.  His footwork was poor on a few plays, seeing a receiver late and throwing it a little off balance instead of quickly pivoting or jumping around and stepping into his pass.  Also, if the defenders were allowed to hit the QB's he would have gottten sacked 2 or 3 times as he was slow to read the defense and get rid of the ball.

    Now the exciting stuff.  Gabbard was terrific.  Although only 5-10, he reminded me a lot of Baker Mayfield.  Very quick feet, found his target quickly and got rid of the ball in 2 or 3 seconds.  He would not have taken any sacks, and his choices were quick and good.   He has a strong arm and seemed to be effective on all kinds of different throws, screens, flares to backs, all the passes downfield that Gus made last year.  I have no idea if he could run, no QB runs were called and he never scrambled ( but did move quickly around like Mayfield) and no one was allowed to hit the QB.

    It was only one hour out of one practice, but today Gabbert looked like the real deal, Mayer looked like he is not ready yet, IMO.

    Only injury that I noticed was that DE Ben Kempler had his arm in a sling.
  • Sorenson Fan Club

    Forgive my Scandinavian spelling of his name-actually Sorenson!
    My recollection, from when I lived in Minnesota, is that -sen is Danish, -son is Norwegian. -sson is Swedish.
  • 2019-20 Non-Conference Schedule

    Youngstown's coach is a former Bob Huggins assistant and that's like a two hour bus ride for them. You need both special circumstances and a coach like Huggins in order for a game like that to happen.

    Maybe.   But we can surely agree that the statement "
     You won’t find a mid-major school who is hosting a single P6 game this year except Ohio U miraculously." is wrong.  Liking your post does not make the statement accurate.  I don't have time to look at other schedules so we will let it end with this one. 
    West Virginia going to Youngstown, is similar to when we went to Saginaw Valley State in Coach Coles’ last season.

    It’s a total rarity. The Purdue/OU one is a headscratcher, but the WVU game makes sense. Id be shocked if you can find another.