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  • New Hampshire at Miami

    My home state New Hampshire Wildcats are set to visit Miami this weekend, in a match-up of two prestigious programs currently running on fumes...

    A split seems likely between two flawed programs, but while Miami is as low as its ever been UNH (at least for this season) has as deep and as skilled a team as they’ve had in years (although obviously NOWHERE near their own heyday). Is that enough to make a difference in achieving more than a split...?

    Everyone knows about Miami, it’s situation and it’s roster - and, of course, Go RedHawks - but a little insight into my other favorite college hockey team comes below...

    UNH’s strength is from the net out - they have a very big and very steady #1 goaltender in Mike Robinson and a deep and dynamic defense led by the offensive minded (and extremely gifted) Max Gildon (though Gildon did miss the team’s exhibition, due to injury, and his status is questionable) and the steady and well-rounded Anthony Wyse. Benton Maass and Will McKinnon join Gildon as NHL draft picks on the blue line and freshman Kalle Eriksson is expected to make an immediate impact...

    Question marks at UNH surround a group that has struggled to score the last couple of seasons. However, the depth on their lower lines is much better than they’ve run out in recent years. Can the top-six produce enough offense to win enough games for UNH to vault into the middle (or better) of the college hockey PWR.

    They’ll bring to Goggin a mismatched top-six, hindered mainly by the lack of a sixth GUY as well as some youth and some yet unforeseen but expected development. Crookshank is their best - a skilled scorer who never stops skating. Blackburn is the next best bet to score - an average skater with good stick skills and often in the right place. Pierson, Grasso and Kelleher are expected to take big steps forward but can they - they’re all also very slight and well solid, they’re certainly not elite in terms of top-six college hockey players...

    Games this weekend will come down primarily to whether UNH can play to its strength or Miami can recover from a tough defensive weekend - in other words who can limit the other team’s limited offense? Additionally, I’d expect the winning team each night will be the team who can generate depth offense. Miami outside it’s top-line and UNH from its bottom six or, more likely, it’s defense...

    I know interest is down at Miami right now, as it certainly is at UNH, as well. This match-up may not garner much fan-fare even for the two fan bases - but for me this is the most interesting and exciting match-up of the year! And it’s not close!

  • Gabbert QB Ranking

    That ranking doesn’t mean horse doody. True freshman playing behind makeshift OL with his best WR and RB injured at times and playing three top 25 teams. Horse doody and bull puckie.
  • NIU and Rest of the Season

    This will be a blah year. It wasn’t supposed to be, though. On the drawing board we were supposed to have built on 2016, the Bowl year and move up to about 8-3 in 2017. But 2017 was FUBAR, starting with the Cincinnati debacle and continuing with the trip to touch the holy grail in South Bend and the blown 21 point lead at home vs Ohio. 5-7 didn’t get us anything but frustration.

    Even with the disappointment of 2017, 2018 was supposed to be the real year to showcase the complete rebuild - lots of talented, experienced seniors a chance to win against a rebuilding lower half B1G team with a familiar brand new coach, a 1-10 FCS cupcake, a game with Army, a team we have beaten several times, and a chance to atone for the unforgivable UC collapse. Well, we got the FCS win and finally beat Ohio but we needed a season-ending win at home over the Ball State Redbirds just to draw even at 6-6. And the then minor bowls weren’t buying our fan karma.

    The senior-laden year that was targeted for 8-3 or 9-2 never materialized. And Chuck Martin did not get a P5 job.

    So 2019, which was probably - on the chart anyway - supposed to be an over scheduled challenge for a brand new Miami head coach and a young and inexperienced team became just another blah Chuck Martin season.

    And that’s the way it is, October 14th, 2019.
  • 4 Questions

    Excluding the 2014 and 2015 seasons and all 30 point or more losses from 2016 to 2019 (n=2). Slow starts are more or less a thing of the past (the exception being 2018 at -32), Chuck figures things out in the 2nd and 3rd quarters, and then panics in the 4th quarter as the team runs out of gas.

    Miami 230
    Opponents: 210
    Total: +20

    Miami: 339
    Opponents: 281
    Total: +58

    Miami: 285
    Opponents: 213
    Total: +72

    4Q & OT:
    Miami: 181
    Opponents: 296
    Total: -115

    Until our coaches ,coach with confidence the players will not perform in a confident manner. Our play calling is basic and made not too lose games. This is the biggest momentum changer we see every week.
  • How likely is a bowl bid?

    He's being let go at the end of his contract no matter what....other than in the unlikely instances that he has a 9-X 10-X type season next year...then he might get hired somewhere...otherwise let go.

    This year the ceiling is 6-6, and likely worse....so there even could finally be donor, alum pressure to let him go....can't believe people are talking about bowl eligibility.
  • New Hampshire at Miami

    Wow it really seems like Rico built a nice little ditch for us these last 6 years