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  • Ticket Stubs

    I have hundreds of tickets for Miami football, basketball & hockey games.  In addition, frozen four tickets, NCAA basketball tourney games, football bowl games, World Series tickets and assorted Rock & Roll concert tickets.

    But, I also have several one of a kind unusual tickets:

    An unused "B" & unused "D" ticket from Disneyland Anaheim before they went to all-day passes.

    An unused standing room - only ticket for game 5 of the 1990 World Series. (think about that for a minute)

    A one day only picture ID entry pass to the British House of Commons on a day when the backbenchers got into it, and they cleared the balcony and made us wait out in the hall until the fighting stopped.

    A 10th row floor ticket at the Royal Albert Hall to hear Eric Clapton.

    And, I still have my 2 tickets from Woodstock that they never collected.
  • WMU new head coach

    A sign of things to come? When Hawkins wasnt renewed WMU decided to hire his long time assistant with a total comp of only 220k

    Is this the first sign of the post-Covid19 world? Things are not going to be easy for any college or university on the budget side. 

    The answer to this is entirely depends if there is a football season or not.  
    I was to be on Ohio State’s Campus when Kirk Herbstreit gives the news the college football season is cancelled. Just to watch the fans tears flow.