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  • 2018-19 Roster

    Like most here, I've spent a lot of time the last decade watching mediocre MAC basketball...

    ICL/Nike/Adaway/Brown/Bam isn't a bad MAC starting 5 at all.  ICL was probably the most improved player on the team last year, so while losing Ringo at the point is a big loss, its not a total disaster where we have no one at all to step up.  If he makes a sophomore jump, we may miss Ringo less than we expect (I think we'll still miss him).

    Last year we finished 8-10 with the 7 seed.  I'd expect that lineup to compete for a first round bye and finish somewhere in the 3-6 range.  I'd be very surprised if we are worse than last year.  We lost Ringo but we return every other important piece minus McLane, and they all a year more mature.  With Ringo I think we would have competed for 1-2 seed.
  • Darrian Ringo leaving?

    What am I missing? Why is it clear that Coach Owens didn’t want him in the program?

    The fact that Miami tweeted (not a press release) that Ringo was leaving and subsequently did not comment means absolutely nothing to me.
    I think the odd part is the timing and then phrasing of the Miami release.  That he will no longer be part of the team and Miami has no further comment.  Whenever an educational institution says they will provide no comment that immediately jumps to privacy issues in my mind (grades not up to snuff, discipline, etc.).  A transfer announcement usually involves the player making an announcement that they are now exploring other offers and then the team says they have granted them a release.  Also pretty unusual for that to happen in July.

    On the other hand, a recruiting website first broke the news which would lead me to believe that Ringo initiated.

    Pretty odd all around.  I would have guessed that if Ringo wasn't happy, he could have announced months ago and would have had a lot of interest.  Something happened that fractured his relationship with Miami or some school let him know on the down low that a very late roster spot opened up that he couldn't pass up.  I think where he lands will tell a lot of the story.
  • 2018-19 Schedule

    My point wasnt about going to the Bahamas. My point was Miami wins bahama shootout beating Loyola in final vs Miami wins bahama shootout beating Montana in the final. I think that is a different headline in the Enquirer

    My point was if they beat Loyola or Montana or Saginaw Valley the students won't even hear about it because of where it's being played.
    The real question should be: When was the last time we had a headline in the Enquirer?
  • 2018 Indians thread

    Per twitter Tito actually called for OP (Perez) but the pitching coach misunderstood and thought he said OT (Otero). What a mess up.
  • Football Scoop ranks RedHawks as best nickname in MAC

    I literally never heard the story about the Akron "Zippers" until a few decades after I heard very different explanation for the name which came to me from folks who should know in the Akron area. In my youth, the story was told to me that the original name of the Akron team was not, in fact, the Zips. It was the Zeps, as in Zeppelins. World War Two created problems for this nickname as the country was in the midst of anti-German sentiment and the rigid dirigibles were more often associated with the Axis than our own non-rigid blimps. That story made perfect sense to me then and still does today. Why would anybody want to name a sports team after rubber boots when your city is known nationwide for its giant airships? Can anyone here confirm my understanding of this story?

    Edit: I was just looking it up, and it seems the navy actually did build and fly the rigid zeppelin The Akron. It was built in Akron Ohio in the 1930s by Akron's Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. This, from the Ohio History Connection website:
    "In 1916, the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company purchased land near Akron, Ohio, to build a plant that could produce airships. In 1923, the main Goodyear Company created a subsidiary known as the Goodyear Zeppelin Company to manufacture airships, including airships for the United States Navy and for leisure. By the late 1920s and the early 1930s, among the firm's completed zeppelins were the PonyPilgrimPuritanVolunteerMayflowerVigilantDefenderRelianceResoluteEnterpriseRanger, and Columbia. Most of these ships utilized helium to become airborne, while zeppelins originally used heated air or hydrogen... Goodyear also manufactured two airships, the Akron and the Macon, for the United States military during the early 1930s. During World War II, the company manufactured 104 airships for the military at its Akron facility."

    So, um, yeah.
  • Cincinnati Reds 2018 Thread

    Why trade guys for “now”? As fun as it’s been the last 2+ months the reds aren’t going to the playoffs this year. Continue to build for 2019 and beyond. Floro wasn’t going to be in that mix.