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  • Rutgers men's basketball

    Likewise! They’ve been knocking off a lot of top big10 teams. Isn’t Ron Harper’s son on the team?
    =>I am now convinced the Prof fate does not read past the 1st 2 sentences of any post.

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  • Athletic Dept. ineptitude

    Bake, I appreciate the fact it’s not fun to read people’s complaints and negative opinions about the Athletic Department.

    However, it’s also not fun to see the complete deterioration of the men’s basketball program occur slowly over the span of more than a decade with nary a word, plan, or significant action from the Athletic Dept to curb the withering. Combine this with a football program that hasn’t beaten UC in the same decade-plus, won a D1 OOC football game since 2011, and a hockey program that’s just recently bottomed out, you must understand the frustration fans feel towards an Athletic Department that has overseen some of the most dire years ever witnessed in all three aforementioned sports.

    This message board is probably one of the very few bastions of passion for Miami athletics left these days. A great many people have simply walked away in apathy, as evidenced by attendance figures. A “high-level“ Athletic Department should be very worried there is this kind of persistent sentiment amongst its most invested fans—that’s my $0.02 at least. I also have messaged David Sayler my concerns throughout the years, met with no response, in words, let alone action. So here I am, as I think others are, with our last outlet to voice frustration and anger before we too, perhaps, one day join the ranks of the apathetic and disconnected.

  • What's with the bullying, outing and profanity?

    Biggest issues with HawkTalk:

    1. Some dude doxing people and aiming for vigilante justice because a joke went over his head (who also sends messages to people threatening them)

    2. A legitimate football thread has more posts about stocks than football

    3. The four letter word which shall not be named
  • Athletic Dept. ineptitude

    Ineptitude and a lack of dedication to their jobs should be the slogan of this athletic department. 
    Not only am I surprised, but also personally offended by posts like this. I work many hours a week to ensure the best possible broadcasts we can do. We’re not perfect, but I firmly believe we among the best out there.

    There are dozens and dozens of other athlete staff that take pride in doing their jobs the exact same way and perform at a very high level. I know this because I see it everyday.

    If you have an issue with an area of the AD, perhaps you should let Mr. Sayler know about it directly instead of posting it on a message board. You’re likely to get a better result.
  • What's with the bullying, outing and profanity?

    =>I can tell everyone @DevilGrad lives at 4 Privet Drive, Cupboard Under The Stairs, Little Whinging, Surrey, England.
  • Athletic Dept. ineptitude

    if you outsource and they make a mistake then it is your mistake. You dont get to point fingers when you outsource

    On the season ticket renewal I would say it got confusing when I was getting those renewal emails to the point I checked my credit card to see if it didnt go through
  • Fire coach o

    This is as much for the AD's office as the coaches and players. Last night for a men's game against Akron, we drew to Millett a grand total of 988 fans. I think we can all agree that except for maybe UCONN, men typically draw more than women. Tonight for the Miami women's game at Akron, there were 1045 fans!! So a women's game of Akron v. Miami drew more fans than a men's game of Akron v. Miami, at Millett. Do you think maybe we have a problem? Do you think the fans are trying to tell Miami something by their very conspicuous absence? 

  • "M"

    I was told at the Mobile banquet that the huge Redskins logo was finally removed from the home side of Yager Stadium and that it has been replaced by the beveled M. That would seem to signal a lot of branding permanence.
  • Anybody

    Did anybody ever own Lucent? What a wild ride.

    I did. Bought it on a rumor of an upcoming 2 for 1 split and then sold it about 14 months later for a 15 percent gain.

    That was a
    bright idea.   ^_^
  • Home stand continues, we host #5 Denver this weekend

    Three straight blown 2-0 leads against top 5 teams. Ouch.
    At least we’re able to compete with these teams. Better than some of the early season games (BG, UConn, Ferris).

    If this team played them now they wouldn’t have gone 1-4.