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  • Martin's postgame

    "I can't believe you asked that. I really can't believe it. Let me see here. Army Black Knights. Top 40 Sagarin rating in the country. I'm hearing, 2 pass attempts per game. And you're asking me how it got away from me? Why don't you ask Jeff why it was so close? I'm not gonna answer that question, man. We get beat, Ragland isn't completely awful- Wow, how things change. Before the game, all I heard was, 'Boy, you've never beaten an OOC FBS opponent,' and then we start playin'. We're the Miami RedHawks! You should know that. I ain't mad at ya, but where have you been? Do you know where I'm from, sir? No? Maybe you should Google my name."

    Defense other than rather obvious issues in our secondary hasn't been the problem this year. Poor execution by our offense, and in particular our QB has. Gus' stats look great on paper. But the number of points and opportunities he left on the field yesterday (and all year) is maddening. Yes, 2 drops by Sorenson and 1 by Mayock didn't help. But we have a QB that most of the time seems as though he is playing scared, not trying to extend plays, quickly throwing the ball out of bounds, missing wide open WR time and time again, and I guess what was the final straw for me yesterday was when he slid 2 yards short of a first down we needed, knowing the first down marker, but not wanting to take a hit. I said in the game thread and I will say it again here, you would never see an Army player do that. Or Baratti or Koening. 

    I don't know what more our defense could have done yesterday. They left it all out on the field. Great effort, great heart.
  • Army Game Thread

    Am I just a bad sport since we're losing, or is this boring football?
    It's really good in a different way from both high-scoring shootouts and defense-first processings.

    EDIT: not referring to our play, just to the experience of watching Army's offense.
  • Women's Club Hockey 2018-2019 Thread

    Miami wins Game 2 by the score of 2-1!

    Great sweep of Michigan!
  • Army Game Thread

    Too many missed throws by Gus. Yea he had a good stat line but he missed way to many throws. Even a lot of the ones he connected on weren't accurate. I don't know if his shoulder was hurt or what. I was there great environment. One of the best football games I attended!