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  • Steve Baker Earns Miami Degree

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  • MAC Champs


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  • Sloman Named Second Team All-America By The Athletic

    Georgia's Rodrigo Blankenship won the Lou Groza Award. Let's compare...

    FG%: 80.6 (25/31... 5/5 from 20-29, 9/10 from 30-39, 8/11 from 40, 3/5 from 50+)
    Extra points: 100% (44/44)
    Long: 50
    Points: 119

    FG%: 86.2 (25/29... 8/8 from 20-29, 6/7 from 30-39, 7/9 from 40-49, 4/5 from 50+)
    Extra points: 100% (32/32)
    Long: 53
    Points: 107

    So basically Sloman is equal to or better than Blankenship in every major category except total points. The difference is 12. And because UGA scored 12 more touchdowns than Miami, Blankeship had 12 more extra point opportunities. Plus, Blankenship messed up a rather significant kick against South Carolina.

    Sam, despite the fact that another guy from the state of Georgia has the Groza, you are still the man.

  • Fire Chuck Martin

    I've obviously had my issues with Chuck historically (I am still blocked by the man, #1 goal leaving Mobile is to be unblocked), but this year was different. We won several close games, games we lost in the past. It was also a very young team. On top of that, I talked to a head coach from another sport and she mentioned that Chuck has been VERY, VERY positive and has helped her during her shorter tenure at Miami and is a great guy off the field. All of these things really have changed my perception of him over the course of the last 10 months or so.

    That's your NUMBER ONE goal in Mobile?

    Get a W and not really remember the game
    Wait a minute. Think about what you're saying. Twenty to 30 years from now you'll be wanting to share your memories about the 2020 LendingTree Bowl in Mobile and you'll draw a blank.
  • MAC Championship Game Day Thread—Miami v. CMU

    Being at the game made it harder to participate in the live commentary. I've also been battling a white claw hangover/sore throat from the depths of hell all day. 

    But it just has to be said that yesterday's game will go down as one of my absolute favorite memories as a Miami fan. I'll never get tired of gathering my group of my Miami friends for a few days of debauchery, but long ago the part of these trips where we actually attend the game became a dreaded element; the act of losing gets tired fast and ultimately morphs into apathy. Dabo Swinny is absolutely onto something when he says the fun is in the winning. Winning is just so much more fucking fun.

    Props to the Miami alums (including many hawktalkers) who made the trip to Detroit, consumed my meat, polished off 167 of 168 white claws, helped defile the city's oldest Airbnb, and otherwise made it an unforgettable 2 days. 

    Love and honor.
  • All-Decade Team - Football

    OT - Tommy Doyle
    OG - Brandon Brooks
    C - Danny Godlevske
    OG - Sam McCollum
    OT - Collin Buchanan
    TE - Ryan Smith
    QB - Zac Dysert
    RB - Kenny Young
    RB - Thomas Merriweather
    WR - Armand Robinson
    WR - Nick Harwell
    WR - David Frazier/Chris Givens

    DE - JT Jones
    DT - Austin Brown
    DT - Doug Costin
    DE - Bryson Albright
    LB - Jerrell Wedge
    LB - Brad Koenig
    LB - Kent Kern
    CB - Heath Harding/Dayonne Nunley
    CB - Q. Rollins
    S - Sterling Weatherford
    S - Brison Burris

    PK - Sam Sloman
    P - Kyle Kramer/Zac Murphy
  • Fire Chuck Martin

    For everyone who is excited about Chuck’s great accomplishment of winning the MAC East this year, remember Central was 1-11 last year, 0-8 in the MAC.

    That's impossible...it should take 6 years at minimum!

    Central had talent and really good quarterbacking. Bono could recruit but he couldn't coach himself out of a wet bag. Chuck had a team of D2 players to start with. No quarterback. A line that couldn't block an FCS rush (Treadwell didn't believe in S&C). Slow receivers. Fat tight ends. DBs that were about as useful as a traffic cone. I'm not sure anyone from that team would start over anyone at Central. Maybe Kaleb Patterson?
    Damn, there's just a wee-bit of revisionist history here in terms of the players Chuck inherited. True, the offensive line was terrible and the overall team subpar, but Chuck did inherit slightly more than a handful of All-MAC (or future All-MAC players) and multi-year impact players, e.g., David Frazier, Kent Kern, JT Jones, Bryson Albright, Collin Buchanan, Brison Burris, Heath Harding, Austin Gearing, Rokeem Williams, Jared Murphy, and Fred McRae.
  • Jackson Williamson Enters the Transfer Portal

    My only bias about kids transferring down a level to get playing time is that I hope they’re still going to get as good an education as is available at Miami because they’re going pro in something other than sports.
    The Ivy League, Furman, Richmond, William and Mary, Davidson, Holy Cross, and Colgate are all FCS and Kenyon, UChicago, Washington and Lee, and all the NESCAC colleges are elite academically. There are a lot of good educational choices moving down.
  • Jackson Williamson Enters the Transfer Portal

    Thoughts and prayers to the program that lands him.

    People forget.... You look like a total asshole making fun of, and talking shit about 20 year old college kid.

    Grow up.

    If you can’t play you shouldn’t at the age of 20. He isn’t good period. So find something else to do because quarterback ain’t his calling.

    "Can't play" is subjective. So he was bad in 2 games at Miami. Does that mean no college (FCS, D2) would want to have him? The fact that he was offered a spot on an FBS roster must mean someone must have seen something in him. I know I never received such an offer, though I can't speak for everyone on this board.
    The kid was a 3 star out of HS and had a handful of D1 offers. He played one bad half with a makeshift OL and shotty playcaling.

    @Footbalhead = Idiot Fan
  • Patrick Flavin

    Some interesting insights, which sent me down a Miami golf rabbit hole.  Here is my opinion on the top golfers in Miami history:

    First Team

    1) Kyle Voska (1998) - 3x All MAC, 1x MAC Champ, 2x All American (2nd, HM), 1x Miami Athlete of the Year.  Finished 11th at 1998 NCAA Finals and 14th at 1996 NCAA Finals.  4th in career scoring average.  5th in career wins (3).  Best single season stroke average in school history by 1.41 strokes (71.20 average in 1998) and is only Miamian to ever be named 2nd Team All American.  1 career PGA Tour start.

    2) Bob Lohr (1983) - 3x All MAC and 1x All American HM.  Most successful pro career, by far.  Played the tour for 12 years.  Only Miamian to ever win a PGA Tour event and play in the Masters.  Evans Scholar.

    3) Patrick Flavin (2018) - 4x All MAC, 4x NCAA qualifier, 3x All Region, 2x Miami Athlete of the Year.  Lowest scoring average in Miami history and most wins (8).  Promising future pro career.

    4) Sean Gorgone (1991) - 4x All MAC, 2x MAC Champ, 2x All American HM, 1x Miami Athlete of the Year.  Finished 2nd at 1990 NCAA Regionals and 14th at 1990 NCAA Finals.  8th in career scoring average.  4th in career wins (5).  1 career PGA Tour start and made cut.

    5) Mark Brewer (1987) - 4x All MAC, 2x MAC Champ, 2x All American HM, 1x Miami Athlete of the Year.  Finished 18th at 1985 NCAA Finals.  9th in career scoring average.  4th in career wins ( 6).  1 career PGA Tour start.

    Brewer and Gorgone had nearly identical careers statistically and were part of a run of 6 straight MAC team titles.

    Second Team
    Brad Adamonis (1996) - 1x All MAC.  2nd best pro career in school history.  Finished 2nd at the John Deere.
    Maarten van den Berg (1997) - 4x All MAC, 2x MAC Champ.  7 career wins.
    Mike Pero (1989) - 3x All MAC, 1x All American HM.  Finished 13th at 1989 NCAA Finals.  4 PGA Tour starts.
    Brian Fogt (1981) - 3x All MAC, 1x All American HM.  19 PGA Tour starts, including a top 10 at the Western.
    Bill Schumaker (1972) - 3x All MAC, 1x All American HM. 7 PGA Tour starts.

    Note: While scoring average was a factor in these rankings, the improvement in golf technology since 2000 (introduction of the proV1) had to be taken into account.