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Best Content of All Time

  • Why Not Us?

    "The problem with Miami basketball is we just lived through the worst 5
    years of coaching we will ever have - was Toledo a bad job when Gene
    Cross was the coach- no they just had a bad coach- was Ball State the
    worst job when they had Ronnie Thompson.  Was Miami football a bad job
    when Don Treadwell was the coach?."

    Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?!
    You might want to check your history recollections. Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.
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  • Always Support the Players!!

    Did our soldiers laugh and joke around when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?? I THINK NOT!!!
    The Germans? Were you a history major?
  • B12 Expansion

    Back to this Big 12 thread as intended, the University of Dayton is now in discussions to be a Big 12 member. There's a group of alums who have the millions it'll take to build a 55,000 person football stadium on the current site of the Montgomery County Fairgrounds, and then kick in the cash to start an endowment for 75 full football scholarships, as well as fully fund all women's athletics scholarships, and move to D-1 football. UD Arena and Welcome Stadium will both be torn down to build a new 20,000 seat basketball arena, with multiple luxury suites.
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  • Recap

    Ticket office sold 4000.
    Hard to say since so many people I knew from Miami were wearing nd colors. Sad really

    Met a guy who was not wearing his Miami gear but wearing ND stuff. When asked why he was being a traitor, he said that the Redskins we're not playing, and he was not a RedHawk so he felt no disloyalty. Great, huh?!?
  • If some how cooper

    I don't know why all the doom and gloom. Bane and Beverly will lead a Miami basketball renaissance the likes of which have never been seen.
  • Always Support the Players!!

    Did our soldiers laugh and joke around when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?? I THINK NOT!!!
    The Germans? Were you a history major?
    Were you a film studies major?
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  • The Crawfords

    Some fans at Miami basketball games treat it as a tennis match and even get mad when you yell and cheer. President Crawford was getting everyone to stand up and cheer the last few minutes of the game, something that almost takes a miracle to accomplish.

    I never get why current students, however limited they are, sit down and don't do anything to make for a decent atmosphere. It's like they've never seen a college hoops game, which is almost certainly not the case. From 2012-16 when I was at Miami the only times I recall a decent-sized student section standing and making noise was against OU one time and Dayton after we came back.
    The ushers used to actively discourage it.  That is not a joke or an exaggeration: they would tell students to sit down and be quiet because it upset the blue hairs to have them carrying on.

    I don't know if that's still the case, but it certainly was from 2000-05.
  • Miami Deja Vu

    This thread sucks. I thought that Oxford was getting a strip club.
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  • Blasi Fired per CHN

    Pedon coaches basketball not hockey

    I would agree but I watched Renate Crawford high five an usher before the game and it was DISGUSTING. 
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