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  • St Thomas is too good, gets kicked out of MIAC

    Fun thread I saw on Twitter: if you could kick anyone out of the MAC, who would you pick?

    Hands down Buffalo. They are getting way too good in everything
    The issue with the MAC is that some institutions view the Conference as a sort of purgatory----they're here only until they get good enough to leave on their own. I suspect Buffalo and perhaps Northern Illinois have their eyes on the exit door if their overall programs (especially in FB and men's BB) can get and stay at a reasonably high level. Plus both have larger marketing areas in very close proximity.
  • WBB HC Search

    I avoided all higher level math classes at Miami, but we lost 3 pretty darn good players and have offered 1, that is not a good ratio. Offering,BTW, is easy. Getting and keeping players is the tough part.
  • St Thomas is too good, gets kicked out of MIAC

    No worry that Miami would face the same fate in the MAC. >:)
  • WBB HC Search

    David saylor needs fired for not hiring one assistant coaches from the women's team
    I don't think you fire someone for making a mistake, his overall performance has been very good.  However, it is certainly looking like a  Giant mistake.  Had he done as you suggested, the three star recruits who just left likely would all still be here.  That recruiting class was the best recruiting class that we have had at least going back to the early 1980's.  When you have a good thing going, hiring from within is usually the way to go.  So far there has been nothing but horrible news coming out of the program since the press conference.  We lost not only Duffy but all 3 of her terrific assistants.  We lost 3 of the best recruits we have ever had, and they were all signed commits. We did not take a graduate senior who instead went to Ohio, the favorite to win the MAC.  So far Coach Hendrix has not announced any new staff.  This means that very little is getting accomplished, as far as we know we have one hired coach instead of the 5 which we had a month ago.
  • Logan Speyer Transferring

    Speyer, Adams, Marsh and Fleetwood were not expected to see the field much (if at all) this coming season, so not as big of losses as I thought.
  • Jermaine Henderson

    Saw this on Twitter. Very happy for him. He deserves it.
  • which is worse?

    Idiot fans for sure. The only thing I admire about CM is his ability to never get fired, even after calling fans idiots and never apologize after that
    Why apologize when you can just block them all on Twitter?
  • Elijah Watson Update

    I'm banning him just like we banned Joe Stanzi back in the day. Certainly not out of some desire to protect Chuck Martin, who god knows, doesn't deserve protection.
  • Logan Speyer Transferring

    BG's Quarterback Jarret Doege announces he's transferring to WVU
  • Elijah Watson Update

    It is indeed funny to see how some of the keyboard warriors who defended other players, claiming they are just kids (e.g., see all the discussions about Nike - basketball) are the same bashing some football kids for seeking better opportunities and leaving to another place.
    To be clear, no one is bashing Elijah Watson, the player. We wish him the best and hope he does well in Carbondale.  Players transfer all the time.

    To the extent anyone is bashing anyone, we're bashing Elijah Watson's father, who told us all about how his son was God's gift to football and had talent Chuck Martin couldn't see.  And after his son spent a disappointing year at a junior college and came away with only an offer from Southern Illinois--not even Miami, and certainly not Alabama--Elijah Watson's father for some reason thinks it's a winning move to come back and call everyone hypocrites and idiots.  Elijah Watson would probably be best served by his dad just shutting up and going to Saluki games, because Elijah Watson's father is writing checks Elijah Watson can't cash.

    At least when Ricky Stanzi's dad pulled this helicopter parent posting BS, he could say his son was a successful Big 10 quarterback.