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  • UC at Tulsa postponed

    Off topic, Red Sea, but are the Shakerettes, Band, and cheerleaders, etc. practicing and planning on performing, or are they shut down for this season?
    The Shakerettes have been practicing with protocals for a couple weeks. They have not yet practiced with the band. They have also not gotten word if they would be able to play at the games. My daughter doesnt think it is likely they will get to do it but I dont think she knows that as fact
  • So any insight...

    We won’t win many games.
  • Reds Legend Joe Morgan Passed Away

    Sad to hear this.  Had he been ill for awhile?

    Edited since the threads have been combined and there is now a link answering my question...
    Polyneuropathy is the cause of death.

    Dick, in the last year there have been stories of Joe being very sick. I was too young to remember his playing but his analysis on ESPN Sunday night baseball was excellent

    His play was excellent but...uh... his analysis might have been lacking.  Whole website about it and everything.  2nd favorite player from the BRM days. 

    There was a great article probably about ten years ago (on Deadspin maybe?) about Joe’s complete disdain for and refusal to accept any kind of advanced statistics, and the irony that, if the advanced stats were around when he played, his career on a whole would look even better than it already did. Much better in fact.

  • Favorite Candy

    Some Baby Ruth trivia-most people (including me at one point) think that the candy bar is named after the Bambino of Yankee fame.  It is actually named after President Grover Cleveland's daughter, Ruth.

    Some M & M's trivia-the M and M represent two of the creators of the candy-Forrest Mars of Mars fame, and his partner Bruce Murrie, whose dad was President of Hershey's and who went over to rival Mars when passed over for a promotion and invested in the promotion of the new candy.

    I think that was before he made a fg later in the game, so he is now 6 out of 8 for 75%.  Still, his longest fg is 35 yards.  When I saw him in practice a couple of times last season, he was hitting everything inside 55 yards.  I don't think he has gotten worse, so I would guess they are seeing in practice every day what he is capable of.  

    Looking back at his Miami career though, it was sometime during his third year when he really started being a great kicker in games, so just getting confidence through success may be an issue for him in the NFL.  It was at Miami.
    Also he's dealing with NFL size and speed crushing through the line. Sam was incredible at Miami but he always had a relatively low kick trajectory, you can't do that in the pros unless you want every other kick taken back for six so he may have needed to adjust his mechanics starting draft workouts through the preseason.
  • Favorite Candy

    I like all of the things mentioned above.  I must add however that Good n Plenties are a great snack to enjoy with scotch. 
  • Favorite Candy


    All good choices.  

    Snickers was named after the founder of Mars Candy Company's horse.  A bit of trivia!

    I would just add:

    Milk Duds
    M & M's Peanut
    Reese's Cups
  • John Ruthven passes away at 95

    Cincinnati artist, John Ruthven passes away at 95. His Miami Indian #1 was the basis for the most traditional Miami Redskin logo. To me, the Ruthven artwork that Miami adopted was the classiest logos in collegiate athletics
  • The 2020 NBA PLAYOFFS

    Well, so far it is a complete blowout. Anthony Davis is playing great, several Lakers are stepping up with good games, and LeBron has been better than Butler.  Nothing like games 3,4, and 5.
  • Possible MAC TV coverage

    ESPN and the MAC should be coming up with announcements of game times and TV coverage soon, maybe this week.  This year will present some special opportunities.  It looks like the NBA season will end tonight.  NHL is already over.  Neither plan to start the next season before January. MLB has just two more weeks and the World Series will be over.   College Basketball and College hockey are not starting until around Thanksgiving.  There should be 5 weeknights in November where the only live sports on TV are  MAC football.

    The day after Election night, Wednesday November 4th, all 6 MAC teams are playing crossover games.  I would guess that there will be one game on ESPN, one on ESPN2, and one on ESPNU.  CBSSN could always get involved, or the other games will be on ESPN3 or ESPN+.  In looking at the those games, the most interesting matchups would be Ohio at CMU, BG at Toledo, Ball State at Miami, or Buffalo at NIU.  I would guess that the ESPN game might be Ohio at Central Michigan.  

    The next two weeks, there are 3 East games on Tuesday and 3 West games on Wednesday.  I am thinking all those games will be televised Nationally on ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNU.  On Tuesday November 10th Miami at Buffalo is the obvious ESPN game.

    The next week, on Tuesday November 17th, the obvious ESPN game would be Ohio at Miami.

    Then we switch to Saturdays for our last 3 games.  On Saturday November 28, there are 50 division 1 games.  The best matchups are Ball State at Toledo and Central Michigan at Eastern.  The MAC might get a game or two either on ESPNU or CBSSN. Other games would be on ESPN3 or ESPN+.

    On Saturday December 5 there are 46 Division 1 games.  The best matchups are Buffalo at Ohio, Ball State at NIU, Kent at Miami, or Eastern at Western.  Once again we might get a game or two on either ESPNU or CBSSN.  Other games would be on ESPN3 or ESPN+.

    On Saturday December 12 there are only 26 division 1 games, so any MAC game which has divisional championship importance might get national television.  The best matchups are OU at Kent, WM at Ball State, and CMU at Toledo.  If we were in first place, Miami at BG might make it.  Other games would be on ESPN3 or ESPN+.

    I do expect at least 2 ESPN games for us ( Buffalo and Ohio).  We might get some other national TV games depending on our record.  This, of course, is just an educated guess at what ESPN will want to do, but it is certainly an opportunity for the MAC and Miami to get some decent ratings and attention.