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  • The Crawfords

    Some fans at Miami basketball games treat it as a tennis match and even get mad when you yell and cheer. President Crawford was getting everyone to stand up and cheer the last few minutes of the game, something that almost takes a miracle to accomplish.

    I never get why current students, however limited they are, sit down and don't do anything to make for a decent atmosphere. It's like they've never seen a college hoops game, which is almost certainly not the case. From 2012-16 when I was at Miami the only times I recall a decent-sized student section standing and making noise was against OU one time and Dayton after we came back.
    The ushers used to actively discourage it.  That is not a joke or an exaggeration: they would tell students to sit down and be quiet because it upset the blue hairs to have them carrying on.

    I don't know if that's still the case, but it certainly was from 2000-05.
  • Sibande Assist Watch

    Miami basketball posted a picture of the team having dinner at Greg Crawford's house, but the caption didn't say whether Nike passed the salt to anyone
  • Our Nightmare Is Over

    I'm drunk with power on this merging thing. I will soon merge all threads into one super-thread.

  • Rico receives reprimand from NCHC

    I'm more concerned about the winless in last 12 games part!! He is the highest paid coach at Miami!! 
    Chuck Martin makes $522K. Jack Owens makes $350K.  Rico makes $342K.
  • Iowa Game Thread

    Gabbert reminds me of................Drew Brees.

    Another Purdue reference? I thought this was a football thread not BBall. >:)
    Kenneth Lowe blocked you for this
  • Charlie Coles to be inducted into Cradle of Coaches!

    My Charlie story:

    I took basketball coaching from Coach Coles (in the same class as mz343). It was a short-session class that’s taught in the first half of the first semester. The final project for the class, which made up the majority of your grade, was to put together a notebook featuring everything you learned—and we covered drills, recruiting, scouting opposing teams, everything you could think of. I turned in my notebook on the last day of class and patiently awaited my grade, which was due to arrive in mid-November, as I was getting ready to apply to law schools. I checked online when grades were released, and sure enough, I had an “I” for incomplete. Totally confused, I went down to the basketball offices in Millett Hall and spoke to his secretary, who said she’d pass along my concerns, because she had counted the notebooks and knew that everyone turned them in.

    November 19, 2004 rolled around. Miami was opening at home against Purdue in Gene Keady’s last season. Game time was 7 p.m., and I spent all day pumped up and ready to go. At around 2:30, I got a call on my cell phone. (This was back when Miami’s website listed that info publicly.)

    “Mr. [Chuck]? This is Coach Coles.”
    “Coach? Um…what can I do for you?”
    “I just wanted to apologize for forgetting to grade your notebook. It’s been in my office the whole time, but I misplaced it. And I know how important law school can be, so I made sure to grade it this morning. You won’t have an incomplete, you’ll have an A.”
    “Thanks very much, Coach!”
    “Wish us luck tonight against Purdue, Mr. [Chuck].”
    “I’ll be there in the front row, Coach!”

    And as I went to the game that night, I marveled at the kind of person who cares not only about his team, and about winning, but about teaching so much that he’d take the time to look up my cell phone number five hours before the season opener and call to apologize for his mistake.

    Plus, we beat Purdue, 81-71.
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    We should buy out his contract and deputize him to arrest John Cooper for embezzlement
  • The 2019 NCAA Tournament HawkTalk Bracket Game

    If UVA beats Purdue I am getting blocked on Twitter by our entire coaching staff.
  • The Quest For Qatar

    But hey, at least the coach speaks English!

  • Chuck Moron’s OSU post game interview

    I vote we hire AB. He has experience in the MAC and the NFL and needs something to do!