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  • Report of a six year, $305K plus bonuses contract. https://twitter.com/JordanStrack/status/1114193866675118080 BG folks saying that they offered Bergeron 250/year, increasing to 300/year by 2025, to get him to stay.
  • Matej Pekar and now Brett Murray don't work out.  Both Buffalo draftees.  I wonder if the Sabres are telling Murray to go OHL instead to get to the big time quicker.
  • Out of curiosity... Do hockey fans actually enjoy all of these upsets in the first round? Never before have both 8 seeds advanced and all four wild card made it this year. Most fans are enjoying it because: - Tampa fans were obnoxious all year abo…
  • Some good ones from California high schools Bakersfield DrillersVenice GondoliersManual Arts Toilers Polytechnic Parrots (i.e., the Poly Parrots, from Los Angeles Poly)Live Oak Acorns Vintage Crushers (Napa)Hollister Haybalers
  • Has a cameo from Ron Harper, understandably. Also, has anyone seen Toni Kukoc wandering around campus before volleyball matches?
  • Jon Rothstein reporting that Paul Hewitt is a leading contender now, which...wow.
  • Eddie Fogler wrote the Mueller Report
  • It must be a total lack of institutional support or something. Sure, it isn't the Big East of the 80s any more by a long shot, but I can't understand why the Iona coach--a Queens native who played at St. John's!--would turn them down.
  • why did it quote you for what I said?  weird.. I think I fixed it for you.
  • For real though, what does that cost them? Are people going to stop coming to visit or something? Will it no longer be the seat of the Archdiocese of Paris? If the choice is between “rebuild in 5-10 years” and “there aren’t enough trees to let us r…
  • The thing that is now gone (the roof and roof structure) may be the most difficult thing to replace. There aren't too many oak and beech trees around now that are large enough to produce similar size beams and posts. On the other hand, we have eng…
  • We don't even have a full coaching staff yet; it's a bit too early to be figuring expectations for next year.
  • I used to live ten miles from Philo and it was enough of a pain in the ass to get to Philo from ten miles away that I can see why we aren’t recruiting there
  • Scott Sandelin is the 8th coach in NCAA history to win 3 titles with one school. All titles have come since 2010.
  • Excellent!
  • Depends on what you want to do with your NDSU degree, I suppose.  Their engineering alums have a really strong network in the Twin Cities.
  • Steve Alford named head coach at Nevada How does this guy keep getting hired — very puzzling. Steve 16's are a real thing. Plenty of places would be happy with them. The problem is all the baggage you have to put up with to get Steve 16's. The t…
  • I’d have gone to Davidson. Money talks, though, and my parents were very clear about what they could contribute financially. In-state at Miami was fully covered between scholarships and my parents’ generosity. Davidson would not have been.
  • Steve Alford named head coach at Nevada How does this guy keep getting hired — very puzzling. Steve 16's are a real thing. Plenty of places would be happy with them. The problem is all the baggage you have to put up with to get Steve 16's.
  • Fair enough. Good point on your part as well.
  • The current head coach of the Seattle Seahawks agrees with that, so it’s not exactly out of the ordinary in the NFL.
  • What’s reasonable? He’s not likely to take a 100g pay cut to coach D-3 Generally speaking, what constitutes a “reasonable” or “good-faith” effort for a party to mitigate his damages is a rather loose question that a lot of courts have addressed. I’…
  • I believe he could have done more to keep Megan here for a year or two. Maybe it is time think about replacing DS? Raising 80 million bucks means nothing when virtually no Miami team can be competitive. Assuming Blues is accurate about her new sala…
  • Performance wasn't why Maria was let go. It was other reasons we don't need to discuss. She is long gone and won't be coming back.  I keep hearing that, but no one seems to actually know the reasons or be willing to say what they were.  So, inste…
  • Presumably taking his sweet time all summer and ignoring the key coaching turnover seasons (both college and NHL) would qualify as not making reasonable efforts to look for work. Generally speaking, what constitutes a “reasonable” or “good-faith” …
  • The heat death of the universe will happen before that.
  • I am curious: knowing that Megan would likely leave soon, shouldn't Miami have offered her a better contract with a much higher buyout? Like what Buffalo did? I tend to agree with what someone mentioned before: basketball seems to be less and less …