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  • Miami Student article on Deland McCullough II

  • Megan Duffy to Marquette

    I believe he could have done more to keep Megan here for a year or two. Maybe it is time think about replacing DS? Raising 80 million bucks means nothing when virtually no Miami team can be competitive.
    Assuming Blues is accurate about her new salary of $500k/year at a Big East program there’s nothing Sayler could have done. The administration never would have allowed him to offer that kind of cash to a second-year women’s basketball coach.

    (In fact, that probably would have made her the highest paid women’s coach in the MAC, which is a status her resume doesn’t justify. It’s one thing to get that kind of raise by going to a bigger job. Quite another to justify it at the old job.)
  • Megan Duffy to Marquette

    Performance wasn't why Maria was let go. It was other reasons we don't need to discuss. She is long gone and won't be coming back. 

    I keep hearing that, but no one seems to actually know the reasons or be willing to say what they were. 

    So, instead of believing people close to the program (Blues, not me) or doing your own research, you simply choose to live life in your Maria Fantanarosa throws gas on David Sayler revenge porn fantasy?

    You and Blues have been hinting at this ever since she was let go.  Research?  I doubt that Googling "Why was Maria Fantanarosa fired?" is going to turn up the answer.  Either tell us what you know or drop it.

    100 percent agreed. If you won’t share what you know, don’t complain when other people don’t agree with a justification you refuse to discuss.
  • Megan Duffy to Marquette

    I am curious: knowing that Megan would likely leave soon, shouldn't Miami have offered her a better contract with a much higher buyout? Like what Buffalo did? I tend to agree with what someone mentioned before: basketball seems to be less and less of a priority at MU. We could even have some sort of "pay for one, take two" buyout clause and send Chuck Martin away with her :D
    We already did the extension with the buyout increase last season. 
  • Megan Duffy to Marquette

    I mean that is pretty bullshit. She was here for two (or three?) years, and signed an extension. No commitment to Miami at all.
    What's bullshit about it? She'll fulfill her commitment by ensuring Miami is paid a buyout.  It sucks we're losing her, but her contract extension wasn't "I promise to stay X more years," it was "I promise to stay X more years or pay you Y dollars."