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  • Megan Duffy to Marquette

    The heat death of the universe will happen before that.

    These last two games was like a basketball HC going on a run in the NIT and staving off firing for a year.  Doesn't change the fact that they weren't making the NCAA and and hadn't for awhile, so its lipstick on a pig.

    NOTHING ive seen this year shows me that Chuck is improving as a coach.  We have great talent, which allows us to do things like knock off teams like OU and NIU as "upsets"...but we should be beating them cause we have equal to better talent. 4 teams in the MAC are outside the top 120 teams in CFB, and Akron is knocking on the door...out of 130 programs.  The MAC is a low level conference with some strong teams/programs (NIU, OU, Toledo, Miami sometimes).  Having a winning record against creampuffs in your conference doesn't a compelling resume make.  We have 2 more losses to FCS schools than we have OOC wins.  Enough is enough.

    If you're confident in Chuck beating UC at Nippert after losing both RBs and with a QB that wont have taken a snap this year, much less not losing by 3 TDs+ to Iowa and OSU, then keep him around for his recruits I suppose.

    Agree with JWags.  I don't get how some seem to think that having better players somehow makes Chuck a better coach?

    =>Having better players makes every coach better.  80% or more of winning is having the better players.  The other 20% is X & Os and being a CEO of the program.  So recruiting is the most important part of program.

    Urban Meyer never finished better than 3rd place in the MAC East as a coach of BUGS.  At Utah, Florida, and tOSU, he has never finished below 2nd except once.  He's won 3 national titles with Florida and tOSU. He did not suddenly become a genius at X & Os AFTER he left Wood County, Ohio.

    Bill Belichick had only 1 winning season in 4 of the 5 years that he was the coach of the Browns.  He never won the AFC Central Division.  Browns fired him. As coach of the Pats, he has only has 1 losing season (very first year) in 18 of the years he has been coach of the Pats.  Only 3 times has he failed to win the AFC East Division.  He has won 5 Super Bowls.  He did not suddenly become a genius at X & Os AFTER he left Cuyahoga County, Ohio.   

    The best jockey does not win the Kentucky Derby riding a mule.

    So, take a stab at the records for the past 5 years at MU and OSU if the coaches traded places.  Does Urban fail to get above .500 with our players?  Does TOSU get a sniff at a national title?
    Urban quits after year 1 and lies about a medical issue to get paid the balance of his contract, then coaches somewhere else.
  • Big Ben and Stormy Daniels

    Not a chance this would be staying open.

    No offense intended, Blues, but this was going to go off the rails no matter what.
  • 2018 NCAA Coaching Carousel

    How much of Oats' success is a result of Hurley's tenure?
    Oats was the star recruiter, if I recall correctly.
  • Bad Miami Frats, Bad Boys

    eh, that one's too far